Got a street fighter IV tournament edition fight stick?

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If you do you can use that to play super meat boy. The controls with the fightstick are even tighter due to the digital nature of the joystick. The thumbstick kinda works but it is still not as good as pure digital control, and I found myself much more accurate after switching to the fightstick. 
Im afraid I am going to break the joystick though playing this game lol.

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Hey thanks dude, I'll try that. Been using the analog stick because the d-pad on the Xbox sucks, and was planning on trying my SF Fightpad, but I guess the TE should also do the trick. Plus it makes all XBLA games +10 awesome.

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Awesome tip! Old school arcade games deserve that kind of play, fo sho.

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Agreed. This game is best with a fight stick, regardless of which one you have. I just wish I could rebind the buttons from within the game.

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I actually prefer using my fight pad to my stick or regular controller. Came in very useful for a few titles like Sega Megadrive Collection, Scott Pilgrim, SMB and pretty much anything along those lines.

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Fight Stick in SMB? Alright I'll give that a shot!

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