Has Super Meat Boy ruined Platformers for you?

#1 Posted by Nightriff (5096 posts) -

So I've never beat the original Super Mario Bros. and I've been playing it every so often getting better and better, further and further each time. But the other day I finally got a controller to work on my PC and decided to give Meat Boy another go because that game is FUCKED with a keyboard, I'll say it is completely unplayable. Anyways I've been loving it and playing the hell out of Meat Boy the past few days. But since I've been playing that, every time I try Super Mario Bros. I make the dumbest fuckin mistakes possible and really I'm back to square one like I'm 5 years old again.

My fear is Super Meat Boy has ruined platformers for me in that the control they give you over Meat Boy is unprecedented making all other platformers obsolete and unplayable for me. Anyone else feel similar with this game?

#2 Posted by EVO (3914 posts) -

I still think Mario controls better.

#3 Posted by Nightriff (5096 posts) -

@EVO said:

I still think Mario controls better.

The original one or 2D Mario games in general?

#4 Posted by Hunter5024 (5705 posts) -

It actually made me want to go play other platformers. Easier ones.

#5 Posted by TobbRobb (4664 posts) -


Yeah that game is amazing. I already had issues with thinking platformers feeling clunky, now there is just no comparison. Though platformers where never a large part of my gaming, so I'll be fine.

#6 Edited by ripelivejam (4064 posts) -

super meat boy is butter fucking smooth and precise as all get out. i still suck like hell at it though. :D

a good sign is though i got slightly frustrated with it, i never got outright enraged at it like i POTENTIALLY can get with some other games (*cough* dark souls). i really feel like i'm the one to blame and eventually i can manage the precise movements needed. the controls never, ever get in the way.

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It definitely made me remember how much I like 2D platformers. I gotta say, it ruined other platformers in the way that I find all of the other ones too easy. I'm speaking retail and console downloadable ones. (I know harder ones exist on PC) I NEED A CHALLENGE NOW. Nothing else gives me enough challenge now.

#8 Posted by ripelivejam (4064 posts) -

@huntad: yeah i was about to ask if you were already an IWTBTG fan :D

#9 Posted by EVO (3914 posts) -

@Nightriff said:

@EVO said:

I still think Mario controls better.

The original one or 2D Mario games in general?

The SNES ones. Super Meat Boy is just a tad too sensitive for me.

#10 Posted by Vexxan (4623 posts) -

Platformers remain my as favorite game genre but I admit I miss the precise controls of Super Meat Boy in most of them. But I don't have any problems adjusting to other platforming 'physics', good or bad.

#11 Posted by anpalcactus (7 posts) -

Not really, I love every single platformer in existance! SMB (also, Meat boy, VVVVVV, Don't look back) are hard to play but are also lots of fun!

As for control and switching between games problems, there are none.

#12 Posted by csl316 (8765 posts) -

I love platformers, and Meat Boy will always be a top 3 in that category due to its mechanics and.... well, its everything. But I still enjoy other ones, just like Doom and Halo didn't ruin other shooters for me.

#13 Posted by AdzPearson (201 posts) -

Yeah, I'd agree with the controls being smoother than most platformers. They need to be. The game is frustrating enough without the controls being a problem. XD

Super Meat Boy is the only recent platformer I've felt compelled to play. I haven't been big on platformers (2D or 3D) for a while now. I used to play them quite a lot back in the day. These days, while I might mess around with them a bit, I certainly don't feel up to completing one. That said, I do appreciate some of the novel ideas in modern platformers.

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