If you've managed to unlock The Kid....

#51 Posted by Horsepuckishness (50 posts) -

DONE! I feel like I have the weight of the world off my shoulders. That fucking sucked.

#52 Posted by Kyelb22 (299 posts) -

Argh, fuck Level 1 man! I played it for half an hour and couldn't beat it, so I said fuck it and went to bed. I'll try again tomorrow and hopefully I'll beat it without pulling all of my hair out.

#53 Posted by hidys (1063 posts) -

is it harder than I wanna be the guy?

#54 Posted by eldiax (648 posts) -
@hidys: I'd say no, from what I've seen of the Super Meat Boy gameplay. IWBTG punishes you with random shit flying at you that you couldn't possibly predict. There is much less trial & error in Super Meat Boy.
#55 Posted by Apathylad (3234 posts) -

I got him on Monday. I think the 2nd level gave me the most trouble. I had to stand a couple feet away from the tv to get the movement in the elevators right.

#56 Posted by ectoplasma (1032 posts) -

Man I beat the 3rd elevator once and died on the 4th. I will sit down and crumble in despair now ;).

#57 Posted by lowfatevan (42 posts) -

man it was EXTREMELY satisfying to beat this last night. I thought the 3rd level was kind of fun actually. First one was the hardest for me i think.

#58 Posted by Kyelb22 (299 posts) -

Fuck Yeah!! I just beat it!! I picked it up this morning and beat the first level in under five minutes. Level 2 wasn't that hard. I died about 30 times on the 2nd elevator and only twice on the 3rd, so I don't see what the big deal was. The 3rd level gave me the most trouble, but I finally beat it after a half-hour or so. The Kid better be worth it!

#59 Posted by Tahnit (180 posts) -

FINALLY!. I just got this but there is an interesting story. So last night i played for 45 mins and got to level 2 of the warpzone. It was 2am so i decided to go to bed. I left my xbox on and went to sleep. I woke up to find my xbox OFF. FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUU. So then i went to work blah blah came home and tried again. I finally got it and it said "achievement unlocked the kid" and then my xbox FUCKING FROZE. Right there. at that point. I was freaking out. I did not know if the game saved or not. Luckily i came back and found the kid unlocked.  
WHEW. Done with that and i hope to god nothing else in the game is like that.

#60 Posted by thorkins (10 posts) -
@Tahnit: Yea mine froze for a while on that bit too, my heart sank haha. So glad to have that achievement out of the way, think i'm going to try and complete the rest of the game with the kid just because i can.
#61 Posted by Deathpooky (1501 posts) -

I have The Kid, the last level of Cotton Alley, and the Dark World end boss left.  I've tried to beat all three for brief periods of time but can't take the toll on my sanity to commit to actually finishing them.

#62 Posted by Cortana (35 posts) -

If you can beat I wanna be the guy this is probably a cake walk for you. But for the rest of us mortals like myself this will give us nightmares

#64 Posted by Joelteon7 (111 posts) -

First level took about an hour. Second and third probably about half an hour combined. Sweet holy zombie Jesus though. 
If I had a swear jar and put in a pound for every 'fuck' I uttered, tonight alone, I'd have enough to buy a PS3. Maybe with a game or two.

#65 Posted by Lunar_Aura (2824 posts) -

Finally got around to earning this "kid" fellow you are all clamoring about. I must have died 1000+ times in the first level but believe me once I got to the first "rest" platform consistently, it became a muscle memory cakewalk. Lv 2 & 3 were piss easy by comparison IMO.

#66 Posted by tumes (229 posts) -
@Timing said:
" Man, I did it. Not ashamed to admit... that was pretty hard, but as has been said in this thread, once you manage to make it past level 1, don't quit! It gets progressively easier.  The parts where I used the run button were the very final jump of level 1, the narrow spike parts on level 2 (don't know if that actually helps, but it felt like it did), the long double jump in the center of level 2 and everywhere on level 3.  I also eventually turned off the music (blasphemy, I know) on level 3 to better keep track of the jumping rhythm. "
Effing brilliant suggestion, wish I'd have known that you can turn the music off. My wife thought the face I made when I beat the first level was hilarious.
#67 Posted by tumes (229 posts) -

Pro tip for 3rd level, 2nd platform: Once you hit the spikeless ground before the spike-covered middle bit, jump over the moving spikes once then start sprinting left. You can make it all the way to the end of the second platform by carefully jumping over ground spikes and double jumping right at the end onto the safe wall before transitioning up to the third platoform, thus skipping any more moving-spike hopping on platform 2.

#68 Posted by SleepyDoughnut (1270 posts) -

It took me like over 2 hours. The last stage took me longer than it should of because i was so impatient and worn out. Man that took determination, considering I'm not especially skilled at platformers. Worth it though, so much easier to clear par and get bandages times with him. Plus the satisfaction that you overcame the horror.

#69 Posted by Darkstar614 (1123 posts) -

welp, I know what i'm working on all night tonight.

#70 Posted by Darkstar614 (1123 posts) -
@Darkstar614 said:
" JESUS CHRIST THIS IS INSANE.  welp, I know what i'm working on all night tonight. "
Okay just got it, time check: 2 hours 8 minutes. Jesus...
My tips:
stage 1: do not use sprint, the 1st and 2nd columns will require a lot of pratice and patience. Not a lot of tips here..
stage 2: do not use sprint with this one exception. Normally you can cross the spiked hallway without sprinting, but it requires precise timing. Using sprint is highly unpredictable. So what you do is jump and double jump right at the middle ceiling spike, then TAP sprint to get the kid to move just a tad bit further. That way you don't have to try and jump precisesly at the right time, tapping sprint will get you that little bit of extra distance you'd be lacking if you jumped too early.
stage 3: use sprint constantly here. The middle row you can just gun through if you time it right, don't try to jump over the spike wall on the middle row. the last row just wall jump over the first spike wall + pit. Then just Go for it, do not stop and wait for the spike wall, just try to time it so it is over the floor spikes and pray to god you got it.
Best of luck to all attempting. Time to RELAX for me!
#71 Posted by Cwaff (1316 posts) -

Unlocked the kid today! 

#72 Posted by DiscoDuck8k (509 posts) -

Never again.
For me the first stage was actually the easiest once I figured out how to go around the top corner properly. Getting the timing perfect on the other two just sucked.

#73 Posted by StepwiseDuchess (97 posts) -

So much hate is incorporated in this level. I beat all the bosses, but unlocking all the characters, specifically the Kid, is another story.

#74 Posted by SilverBulletKY (202 posts) -

Got it this past weekend.  I had finished the first two levels and took a break so I just left the 360 on while I did some other things.  My 7 month old crawled over to see the flashy lights and turned it off so I had to do it all again lol.  I probably died the most on the 1st level but I absolutely hated the 3rd level.
#75 Posted by Espio25 (37 posts) -

Mananged to finally beat it yesterday after 4 hours of on and off trying. 1st stage was by far the most difficult for me and once it was done, I wouldnt dare Alt+tabing out in case it crashed. I can safely say that  the 1st stage was the hardest thing I have beaten in all my time gaming. Worth it!

#76 Posted by raiz265 (2243 posts) -

a little guide posted on the steam news of super meat boy: 

#77 Posted by Heartbreak (294 posts) -

stage 2 was really hard for me because I kept dying on the way down where the distance between spikes was small.
I wish there was no part in the middle that I'd accidentally fuck up.

#78 Posted by RWL_MU_OSU (124 posts) -

One of my greatest gaming achievements.  That shit was hard.

#79 Posted by createyouraccount (33 posts) -

I unlocked the kid a few days back, now I am sad that he is no longer selectable for some reason. I thought that they patched that at some point. Seems to be a problem again.

#80 Posted by buft (3409 posts) -

I know its an old thread but i fucking finally did it, took me about an hour of solid play but the kid is finally mine

#81 Posted by Lunar_Aura (2824 posts) -

Unlocked the kid for PC this time. That's twice playing through those levels.

#82 Posted by csl316 (10628 posts) -

Try following this if you're having trouble:

#83 Posted by ESREVER (2810 posts) -

Arghh... I was so set on unlocking him tonight. I was on the second level, when my client just crashed for no good reason. It's only been doing that when it gets minimized. But this time it old me it had enough and shut down.

#84 Posted by Rayeth (1112 posts) -
Great guide.  Now if only my fingers could do what I am telling them to...
#85 Posted by ESREVER (2810 posts) -

YES YES YES. I just unlocked him today. WHEW. That was intense. The first level was pretty easy (compared to the other two) The second one wasn't really hard, just super tedious. I kept on messing up the middle jump over the spikes. Then about two hours in I found out I should probably use run, despite advice telling me to not use run. EFF YOU ADVICE. Run made everything work as planned. 
When I finally made it past that part, for some reason I couldn't wrap my head around how to time the running back and forth between the lift going down between the narrow spikes. When I finally past that, the rest of the level was a breeze. 
The third level was actually a lot of fun, but didn't take me near as long to complete as the second one did. 
Good Luck to everyone else who is trying to unlock him. Keep at it, and don't rage! So Satisfying to have unlocked him :)

#86 Posted by Legend (2695 posts) -
@LunarAura said:

Unlocked the kid for PC this time. That's twice playing through those levels.

Same here. :) I'm going to 100% the Steam version like I did with the XBLA version. I love this game!
#87 Posted by Gerhabio (1992 posts) -

Can't get past the 2nd level :(

#88 Posted by ESREVER (2810 posts) -
@G3RHRT: Its super tedious because its so slow. What part are you struggling with? 
If its after the first two lifts, try running and jumping over those spikes. 
The Next lift was the most difficult for me. You just have to time your running back and forths properly. I used run on that lift. The final lift is a breeze and I managed to do it without running.
#89 Posted by Zero_ (2011 posts) -
Just spent the last 6 hours ON CHRISTMAS DAY trying to finish this, and finally got it. Totally worth it.
To the people pulling their hair out, it's all about practice, practice, practice.
#90 Posted by haffy (681 posts) -

Level 1 and 3 were pretty fun but ridicously hard. Level 2 was just a pain in the arse the lifts pissed me off a lot.

#91 Posted by Brodehouse (10482 posts) -

I found getting The Kid was just a matter of endurance.  It's possible, just takes time.
However, some of those maps in Cotton Alley and the Internets are just beyond my ability to understand.

#92 Posted by audiosnag (1604 posts) -

After a billion tries on the first Kid level, this game can go eff itself I'm never playing it again.
.....ok one more try.

#93 Posted by Lavapotamus (203 posts) -

The way everyone talks about this Warp Zone is pretty intimidating...I'm having a hard enough time on the dark world stages of Rapture. I can't figure out how to use those things that manipulate gravity consistently! I did play part of I Wanna Be The Guy though, so I have an idea what I'm in for whenever I do decide to go for The Kid.
I'm not excited :(

#94 Posted by Greebman (119 posts) -

The kid is not the hardest level in the game. There's harder shit in the dark worlds and cotton alley. 

#95 Posted by CountMacula (246 posts) -

Spent over an hour on the first level and finally got it. Then after about 15 minutes on the second level my computer crashed. I think I'm going to need therapy now.

#96 Posted by Jadeskye (4392 posts) -

i couldn't crack this, i went at it for hours and hours. my hands still hurt thinking about it.

#97 Posted by CountMacula (246 posts) -

Just went back and did it. Fluked my way through the second part and barely managed the last bit. I was worried that the adrenaline surge would get me killed just as I was getting bandage girl for the last time...

#98 Posted by KarmaCow (6 posts) -

That level is what will probably make buy a bluetooth adapter or controller because I suck with keyboard controls.  I can't even reliably fall straight down at the very beginning of the first level.

#99 Posted by fazzle (320 posts) -

Took me somewhere between 2-3 hours, but I FINALLY just unlocked the kid on XBLA.  Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go ice down my hands and NEVER use the Kid ever again.

#100 Edited by emem (2046 posts) -
@fazzle said:

" Took me somewhere between 2-3 hours, but I FINALLY just unlocked the kid on XBLA.  Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go ice down my hands and NEVER use the Kid ever again. "

You will use him again, if you are planning on 100%ing the game, because some bandages are a lot easier to get with him. :)

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