Indie Game: The Movie, and the fan art that changed my life.

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#51 Posted by CornBREDX (7134 posts) -

This was a really great story. I'm glad you shared it.

As I said before on these forums, I can cry easily, and your story made me teary eyed. Very moving, and relatable for me (in some ways).

That's awesome.

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#52 Posted by CommodoreGroovy (609 posts) -

I think I can only reverberate what others have said. I'm glad that you could get this off your chest and that I could have a small part in your recovery. It was a real heartfelt story that I think is both relatable and inspirational. As a matter of fact, the story was so rousing, the midnight oil will be burnt tonight. Aura, you're a badass and don't you forget it!

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#53 Posted by kyle576 (14 posts) -

Wow! This is an amazing story that shows the power art and video games can have. Inspiring!

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#54 Posted by jakob187 (22801 posts) -



...fuck yes.

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#55 Edited by M_33 (531 posts) -

That was a pretty great read! Really good to hear stuff work out the way they did. If anything, you spurred some interest in this movie for me, even though I originally just looked at it as some documentary that I'll never watch. Good on ya!

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#56 Posted by TruthTellah (9798 posts) -

@aurahack: Damn. It's been a while since something I read online nearly brought a tear to my eye.

This is the stuff. This is the magic that life is made of. Even as a million things try to tear the world apart every day, it's occurrences like in your story which make life truly worth living. Just awesome. Godspeed, man.

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#57 Posted by Vigorousjammer (2917 posts) -

This was great! As a fellow artist, I can't imagine how great it must have felt to actually inspire somebody else with your art.

I think that's probably the best thing any artist can hope to achieve, bringing true happiness into the world. :)

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#58 Posted by caleb1915 (122 posts) -

Hi, this is my first post and I've been reading this site since Jeff started it as a blog 4 years ago. Watched all the reviews, listen to the podcasts, lurk the forums, love the quick looks....and I just wanted to say that reading this really inspired me. I'm still wiping away the tears...

Everything you wrote about after your relationship ended was word for word exactly how I've been feeling these past few months. After I lost someone special to me. Figuring out how to enjoy life by yourself after spending nearly 2 years enjoying it with someone very close to you. Dreaming that everything was magically back to how it was only to wake up and realize that you can't go back. Not even getting out of bed because you can't even think of a reason to move.

But as I was reading this...fuck I'm tearing up again really inspired me. You see lately I've been filling the hole in my heart that got ripped out when she left with drugs, partying, and drinking. I quit school because I didn't have the drive to do anything besides make myself feel good. Not going near other women because I got this irrational fear that I could end up falling for them and repeating the cycle. And this made me realize something: That all I can do now is move on. Learn that I can make myself happy again, and make my life better than it was with her.

I'm going back to college to figure out what I'm going to do with my life. Maybe find someone special again. Who knows :D

THANK YOU FOR THE INSPIRATION! You've touched more than one life with your drawing!

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#59 Posted by jacksukeru (6471 posts) -

That is quite a story. I started reading it yesterday when I was about to nod off but because I knew I had to finish it, I bookmarked it and came back today to finish it off. Nice to know that you're feeling better and I hope for all the best things in your future. I know for myself that emotional highs are always passing but if you've got the right environment supported by the right attitude it will carry you far.

Well I just bought Indie Game: The Movie on steam, which I had considered doing for a little while, and am off to watch it.

Best of luck to ye!

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#60 Posted by Masha2932 (1334 posts) -

This is a really cool story. I hope you're still doing well.

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#61 Posted by Red12b (9358 posts) -

That's fucking awesome dude,

Good stuff!

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#62 Posted by dudeglove (11848 posts) -

Woah, dude. I remember your posts from a year or so ago where you opened to us all that things were going totally shitty for you. Amazing that things have turned around.

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#63 Posted by ThePhantomStranger (547 posts) -

Pretty awestruck by this post so much so that it left a grin on my face, also what's this you say about a game you're working on?

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#64 Posted by S0ndor (2717 posts) -

I can't believe I actually read all of that, but is was quite compelling. Great stuff!

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#65 Posted by Chaser324 (7867 posts) -

Congrats! It's always good to see someone doing something that they love and taking their life in the right direction.

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#66 Edited by aurahack (2535 posts) -

@Red12b: Thanks, man. :D

@dudeglove: Things have more than looked up since. Everything has a brighter side in the end. :) Thank you.

@ThePhantomStranger: Thank you. :) And I can't say! :x We're still in pre-production, but when we're ready for a reveal, you can more than guarantee Giant Bomb will be where we show it off!

@S0ndor: I can't believe I wrote all of it, either. ._. One of the longest things I've written.

@Chaser324: Thanks :D Life is so wonderful now that I have a direction. I can only hope others find the same light.

@CornBREDX: Thank you. :) It did a lot of good to share it, too.

@CommodoreGroovy: Thanks, man. We'll fight the good fight of indie development together. :D

@kyle576: Thank you! :)

@jakob187: :DDDD

@TruthTellah: Thank you. :)

@Vigorousjammer: It really is. People being able to appreciate your art is such a great thing... but man, it really is something special when they can connect to it in such a deeper way. I can only wish other artists can eventually share the sentiment with their own art.

@caleb1915: :'D That is amazing. The bestest of luck to you! If life ever gets to be a downer, just talk about it. Shit, talk about it with the dudes over here. Giant Bomb has the best community I have ever seen. They'll always be there to lend an ear, offer support, or make light of any situation.

@RockmanBionics: Thank you! :)

@Masha2932: Thank you, and I am! I've never been happier, mostly because I've finally learned to live for myself. I'm excited about things I never could of allowed myself to be before, and it feels amazing.

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#67 Posted by aurahack (2535 posts) -

Not to double-post, (didn't want to lump it in that mass of thank yous) but seriously guys: you are all awesome. All of your kind words through this have been such an amazing thing to wake up to and read. <3<3<3<3

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#68 Posted by Eddie_and_the_Fist_Monkeys (97 posts) -

Much of the time when people say things happen for a reason, it's really just an inexplicable reaction to a turn of events that no one could predict and an assumption that a negative event was the catalyst for growth or for in turn a positive change to take place without any real evidence. I mean it's a necessity for people who go through something difficult to think this way I mean what else can be done. However in this instance it seems that this bad thing really did happen for a reason. Great blog post, allows all who read it to register and apply your situation to themselves. It's important to listen and to take positives from eachothers' experiences, it's quite inspirational thank you for sharing with us. :P

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#69 Posted by MeierTheRed (5131 posts) -

Good read and nice work on the art work. Watched the documentary last night, was really really good.

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#70 Posted by fisk0 (6128 posts) -

I can only chime in with the others, fantastic post (and great artwork too).

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#71 Posted by Zacagawea (1674 posts) -

That's awesome, duder! About to watch the movie for the first time, glad I read this before.

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#72 Posted by Little_Socrates (5842 posts) -

Your art is a major part of an emotional arc in a movie about video games that made me practically bawl in front of my friends. Congratulations. I love that art.

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#73 Posted by Catolf (2791 posts) -

Great blog, defiantly worth the read, congrats Aura!

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#74 Posted by ShaggE (8050 posts) -

I'll never forget my first credited contribution, made me feel on top of the world. It wasn't nearly as cool as suddenly seeing your work in a movie, but that feeling of "Hey, my name is now forever part of something I love" is awesome just the same.

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#75 Edited by aurahack (2535 posts) -

@Eddie_and_the_Fist_Monkeys: Thanks. :) I can't really say everything happened for a reason, I don't particularly subscribe to that way of thinking, but I am glad that the events that happened happened. The happiness I feel now is much more fulfilling than the happiness I felt before.

@pornstorestiffi: It is! James and Lisanne did an amazing job on it. Thank you. :)

@fisk0: Thank you. :D

@Zacagawea: Thank you, and I hope you enjoy it!

@Little_Socrates: I'm sorry I possibly emasculated you in front of your friends D: Thank you!

@Catolf: Thanks, Cat. :D

@ShaggE: It's the bestest feeling in the world. :'D

Also woo, 1,200th post.

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#76 Posted by falpatrick (198 posts) -

God, that is crazy. You know, I was thinking to myself when watching the movie "I wonder if the person who drew that has seen this movie yet?"

If I was in that theatre and it was me who had drawn that I would have instantly burst in to tears.

I'm glad it's affected you in such a big, positive way. It really is an inspirational movie. I enjoyed it a lot.

All the best,


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#77 Posted by Catolf (2791 posts) -


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#78 Posted by wumbo3000 (1163 posts) -

Dude that concept art looks really rad! That was an awesome story and I only hope it gets better for you.

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#79 Posted by Mushir (2631 posts) -

Wow. I don't usually read blogs this long but this one was brilliant. A really heartwarming story and I'm and glad things are looking brighter for you! I watched the movie yesterday and thought that the moment Edmund saw that drawing was one of the high-points of the whole film. Really great stuff man. Congrats!

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#80 Edited by aurahack (2535 posts) -

@falpatrick: Had it happened a little closer to the breakup, I think I would have broken down into tears. Thanks. :)

@wumbo3000: Thank you! It's difficult to imagine it being any better than things are now, but one can only hope. :D

@Mushir: Thank you. :'D

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#81 Edited by FelixCulpa (104 posts) -

Great blogpost! Just saw the movie today after dl it from steam and I was really excited to read the blog when I saw up on the community spotlight and instantaneously recognized the art (Which rules btw) and your blog really but a smile on my face and some chills when I cam over the point where you talk about your experience in the theater watching your art on the big screen. SO thanks for sharing!

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#82 Posted by pyromagnestir (4417 posts) -

I really wish I could read this whole thing right now, but my brain and eyes can't handle that much text on a computer screen at the moment. I just skimmed what I could, before my brain set afire.

But from what I did read, when I see the movie, I'm extremely looking forward to seeing the scene where they react to your art. It'll be a little super feel good moment hidden in there, and I'll feel extra good knowing how psyched you are about it all. Congrats! That is really fucking cool.

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#83 Edited by MarkWahlberg (4714 posts) -


Very cool story, and your artwork ain't nothing to sneeze at, neither. I haven't seen the movie yet, although I definitely will now. I wasn't aware Lemon Lens was in the movie, so I guess now I have two instances where I can shout "I know that guy sorta not really" in the theatre. Still, reading this definitely made my week. Nice going!

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#84 Posted by Vexxan (4628 posts) -

Great blog, sounds like what you went through was really an incredible experience. Your fan art looks goddamn amazing and you have all the right in the world to feel extremely proud.

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#85 Posted by AssInAss (3221 posts) -

This is a very inspirational story. Probably the coolest story about fanart ever. The peaks and valleys of your story, feels like I was right there with you even though I wasn't.

I'm sure this will be stuck in my head for years. Love yourself, before loving others no matter how cheesy that sounds.

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#86 Posted by StarvingGamer (11126 posts) -

That's super awesome and inspiring.

And well deserved, good work!

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#87 Posted by pekoe212 (518 posts) -

Yaaay. After a hard day, this made me so happy and encouraged me to carry on. You definitely deserve to feel proud of yourself, man. You clawed your way out of a painful experience and managed to open yourself up to life again. Do not underestimate the value and courage of this achievement. It can be so hard and scary. Lots of people refuse to do it after a bad experience and stay stuck where they are, forever. I have been there, believe me. And, you managed to touch others' lives just by being yourself, basically, doing what you love and what comes naturally to you. I can't imagine the feeling when you saw your art up on the big screen. Congrats!!

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#88 Posted by aurahack (2535 posts) -

@FelixCulpa: :3 I am glad I was able to enhance your viewing experience. Thanks!

@pyromagnestir: Thanks! :D I hope it does improve your experience with the movie. It certainly was the most heartfelt moment for me. :'D

@MarkWahlberg: Thanks! :) The Lemon Lens moment was especially neat. I giggled in my seat when I saw it. I felt like it was way funnier to me because I knew where it was from.

@Vexxan: Thank you. :'D

@AssInAss: I've actually been in your head this whole time. Thanks, man. :'D

@StarvingGamer: Thank you. :]

@pekoe212: Thank you! :'D I never plan on going back to how I used to live. Living for my own happiness has done far too much good for me. If there's any kind of advice I can give to anyone else, it's to do the same. The only person who can truly understand how to make you happy is your own self.

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#89 Posted by Tim_the_Corsair (3053 posts) -

Good for you duder :D

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#90 Posted by MetalBaofu (1584 posts) -

I enjoyed reading that, and I also enjoy your art. You've definitely got me interested in checking out any games you may end up working on in the future.

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#91 Posted by Redbullet685 (6401 posts) -

Amazing story, man. Love your artwork, too.

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#92 Posted by Akrid (1391 posts) -

Brought a tear to my eye, no joke. I'm so glad for you!

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#93 Posted by AssInAss (3221 posts) -

You're mentioned twice in the credits, Eric Shepard!

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#94 Posted by NathHaw (2852 posts) -

I am happy for you. Your story is an important one. Hopefully, many people get to hear about it one way or another.

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#95 Posted by aurahack (2535 posts) -

@Tim_the_Corsair: Thank you. :'D

@MetalBaofu: Thank you! If you'd like, I have a tumblr blog (where I don't reblog garbage) that I keep updated with artwork and stuff. I plan on releasing things about the game there, too. :)

@Redbullet685: Thank you. :)

@Akrid: Many tears were had by both myself and the readers, it seems. All of this has been the most impactful thing ever. ;_;

@AssInAss: So I was told! My friend Marysa, mentioned in the story, watched the Steam release and let me know via Twitter. I haven't seen it yet, still waiting for my DVD copy to come in the mail, but I am excited to watch it again. :D

@nrh79: I am more than thrilled that so many have already read it. Thank you. :')

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#96 Posted by nick_verissimo (1445 posts) -

That's absolutely amazing man! This is one of the best stories I've heard on this site, maybe ever? You clearly have a ton of talent and I hope someone with a bunch of money throws money at you!

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#97 Posted by mscupcakes (631 posts) -

This is such a fantastic story, I almost teared up while reading it and now I have this stupid grin stuck on my face! :D

Now I'm pretty excited to see the game you're working on. And after checking out some of your artwork I'd totally get you to draw me something if I lived anywhere near Montreal. Consider me a fan!

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#98 Posted by ZeForgotten (10368 posts) -

Best story ever written on Giant Bomb, ever! 
"Dude, that doesn't say much, look at the other blogs on here, it's easy to write better than those!" 
Well sure, but It's not easy to have a blog that someone knows will never be be out..written(that's not a word!)! So suck it, losers! 
It's funny how it takes just something like that to make you go from "fucking terrible" to feeling fucking awesome.  
Glad to hear it! Keep on keeping on!

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#99 Edited by paulunga (2815 posts) -

As a fellow human being I'm torn between thanking you for being so forthcoming and ripping this story apart for the teen angst it contains. Seriously, considering suicide because of a relationship going sour is weak, dude. So I'll refrain from further comments.

Avatar image for aurahack
#100 Posted by aurahack (2535 posts) -

@paulunga: I don't blame you for thinking that. I feel silly looking back on it too, but I had a very serious problem that I took way too far. It seems really stupid from the outside but when you start your adult life around a single person, and continue to do so for another three years, having all of it taken away... It's a sense of hopelessness I wouldn't wish on anyone, ever. Thank you, though, for at least being honest with your comment. :)

@ZeForgotten: I certainly won't take the title of best blog on the site, (I think my writing skills are far too shitty for that) but thank you very much. :)

@mscupcakes: Thanks! If you want, I'm still open for commission work. :D I'd certainly have problem mailing the artwork to you. (or sending it to you digitally if that's how you float)

@nick_verissimo: Thank you! :D I also hope money gets thrown at me. I like money.

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