Indie Game: The Movie, and the fan art that changed my life.

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The epitome of tl;dr. Maybe later.

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Great story, man. I'm happy for you.


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This thread is all about the warm and fuzzys. I love it.

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Just watched it last night, I can't imagine how thrilled you must have been. Amazing story, congrats!

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great post, looking forward to seeing the game you're working on :)

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@CH3BURASHKA: Can't blame you. I can barely sit through half an hour of television most of the time.

@crcruz3: Thank you. :)

@JeanLuc: There ain't no feeling like a fuzzy feeling. Thanks. :'D

@CrystaljDesign: Thank you. :)

@demonknightinuyasha: Thanks! We look forward to revealing it, too. :'D

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I don't have much of anything else to add to the cavalcade of support from the other comments, but thank you for sharing this story.  At the very least, it's helping me question what I want to do with my life in terms of aiding other people.

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Not going to lie when I read the title I took it to mean something in a more indie hipster douchebag sort of way but after reading the article that is a fantastic story. Really cool how a doodle in the middle of history class ended up making such a emotional impact on so many levels. Awesome blog. Keep fighting the good fight duder.

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@aurahack: Pretty awesome. Have you watched the movie with the Team Meat commentary yet?

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Thank you for the peak at your inner self. Relationships are haxd to overcome and I am thankful you found your way! Great read, great insight, and great drawing :)

I cannot say thank you enough for the uplifting thought into my day!

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@Rxanadu: Whatever it is, I am sure you'll be more than great at it. :) So long as you do what truly makes you happy, you can never fail.

@Demoskinos: I wrote the story in between my knitting and Sigur Rós listens. /sarcasm Thanks. :)

@CosmicBatman: I haven't! First thing I am doing when my DVD copy comes in the mail. :)

@bmeason: Thank you! :) I am glad I was able to liven your day up.

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That's fucking awesome! I can't imagine how awesome that must be. Keep on keeping on, man!

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TLDR: Drew a pic, and it was in a movie.

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Thank you for sharing this with us. I am really glad when I see this kind of stories happen. I am glad that you found the direction you needed in your life, again, thank you for sharing.

It was a great read! Nice drawing too!

I am now, more than ever, interested in watching the movie.

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This is truly an amazing story. I need to play Super Meat Boy. I can't believe I haven't yet.

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I had a similar thing happen. Did some fanart for the Mythbusters a semester ago and had it retweeted by Adam. I was pretty thrilled at the time, but it's been kinda' downhill from there.

Glad to hear things have gone well for you, as someone who has been in shockingly similar positions (art-wise and relationship-wise). And from one art student to another - learn to love art history. It'll blow your goddamn mind if you let it.

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Wow, this blog post is amazingly well-written, I was tearing up all the way through. I related to a lot of the things you've said such as relying on someone so much that you feel so lost and confused once they leave you. I've always wanted to watch Indie Game: The Movie, but I never got around to it, but reading this made me go out and buy it on their site. Thank you so much for the work that you do and the people that you've helped inspire through this story.

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Great job on finding some purpose in your life, how are you going to make a career out of your drawing last, what are your plans for the future? Good job again, may happiness find its way.

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Wow! What a story! Thank you for sharing.

Your drawing is what made Ed realize the impact that games can have. My eyes were tearing up when he talked about how he used to draw Mario in the same way you drew Meat Boy.

Oh man I've never been so happy for someone on the internet!

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An incredible read, a wall of text truly worth every word and second spent on it :D

I have experienced a similar realization over the last year but to a considerably smaller degree and way more gradual (nothing on your scale). The pure joy you get when some work of yours that comes from the very heart of being that makes you well you and when it has an intellectual or emotional effect on others is intoxicating, it's is the drug of life and a huge motivation one needs from time to time. And a post like this makes me reaffirm my belief that the change of direction in my life soon to come is the correct thing to do (even tho it's still kinda scary, but uncertainty always is)

Thank you!

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That is so seriously cool - I'll definitely be looking out for that when I get round to seeing IG:TM now. That's a really precious experience to have had and it's wonderful to hear all the behind the scenes stuff that happens and accompanies what begins as a small, simple act. I was feeling somewhat inspired by the end of the post myself as well.

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I'm happy for you, well deserved! And great art, keep drawing mate.

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Great blog man, congrats!

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fantastic story, makes me feel really good about buying the movie on Steam last night, although iv still not watched it (that'll be happening tonight) it'll be awesome going in with that little bit of extra context, congratulations on getting your life back on track as well, sounded like you were in a real hole,

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I actually can't find a way to word this like I want to; stories like this make me all teary-eyed (I bawled like a child at the end of Indie Game: The Movie). All I can saw is, that is fucking incredible, and keep doing what you do. You've hit a point that not many creatives get to for a long long time, and of all people to reach that point so early, I could not be happier that it's you.

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@Metal_Gear_Sunny: Thank you, and I will! :D

@SamFo: If only things like World War II could be summed up so easily. Damn books and their history.

@Demokk: Do it! I really is a fantastic movie!


@huntad: You should! It's stupid hard, but stupid fun!

@Otzlowe: I quite like art history, but my teacher was an absolute bore. Half the class would be put to sleep during her lectures, and we're all constantly hopped up on caffeine. D:

@SuperFusion: And thank you! :') It really warms my heart that my story could relate and affect others.

@Brunchies: My plans for the future are... I'm not 100% sure. I'm still in school, but I plan to pursue a career in illustration or design afterwards. At least, as a strict job. My real plan is game development. To keep doing what I started now, and to do it for the rest of my life when I'll be fully able to. :D

@chem: I'd place my hand there, but I fear the durability of this garbage laptop screen. Thank you, though. :'D

@Tennmuerti: Uncertainty is the worst and best. There's nothing worse than not knowing the outcome of the decisions you take, but it's worrying about those things that will never accomplish the dreams you have. I wish you the best! :'D

@RagingLion: Thank you. :'D

@fetchfox: Thanks! c:

@maxB: Thank you! :D

@StingerMK2: The weirdest. It's been a wonderful time being out of it. Thank you. :D

@Driadon: I feel crazy lucky every time I think of it, but it's the drive I needed to know what I truly loved and what I truly wanted to do. Thanks, man. :'D

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I had been ignoring this thread for days, but OP, I just wanted to tell you that this is one of the most heart-warming things I've seen since I started lurking the GB forums several months ago. Way to go, duder.
Edit: Also, as a college composition instructor, I'd give you an A on the story. You must've slacked off or something to get a B instead of an A.

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Good for you man! I couldn't be more happy for someone i've never met before. Seriously. Congratulations.

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It could just be me, but everything even remotely attached to Indie Game: The Movie has come out as either emotional or inspiring or both. Hell, the game made me not only like, but downright respect the much maligned Phil Fish. No, respect is the wrong word. It made me care for him. Granted, when I went to buy FEZ I got my wallet stolen, but the fact that the film did what it did on my brain is downright... good. Just good.

This whole story is as human and sweet as I'd expect from something connected to the film, to be honest. Really, it's the kind of life-changing and/or -affirming media piece that will inspire thousands, and already has done. I... gah. Such a good film. Such a good culture surrounding the film. I'm both utterly delighted and pleased for you, and yet this comes as no surprise. This film touches hearts. Cos it's good good good good good. Good.

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As a fellow fanartist, this is incredibly inspiring. Good luck with your future art, no matter where it takes you!

(I gotta play Meat Boy someday.)

#132 Posted by aurahack (2503 posts) -

@Jrinswand: I've actually been getting pretty good grades in my English courses, but I assume critical essays and narrated stories write differently. And even then, I only write occasionally, so I don't know where to gauge my skill level. D: Good to know, though! And thank you. :)

@Orbitz89: Thank you :'D

@Andy_117: Thank you. :'D I truly believe the movie is that impactful, too. It shines a light on an area of games that is entirely driven by heart and beautifully does so.

@medacris: Thank you! :D And you should! SMB is pro-tier gaming.

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Hey! Awesome read! Im also glad that a fellow giant bomber also listened to the comedy button! Btw,im just curious did you actually sent them a relationship email that they actually read? Im not sure but your story did seem a bit familiar. If you didnt just forget that i asked. Haha! Anyway, great job and hopefully youll be posting stuff about a project your working on in the near future!

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As someone else who is struggling with a failed relationship, and having just saw indie game the movie, I ridiculously enjoyed reading this. It's never easy trying to forget someone or accept that they're gone.

PS: Out of spite, I have to correct you when you said it was a showing across "all of Canada", it was more like 3/4ths. As always Atlantic Canada got shunned out of it. I'm bitter about not seeing it in theaters.

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I never thought a blog on giant bomb would get me teary-eyed, but it did. As someone who is creative, its really inspiring.

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Hey, I just watched the movie myself.

Your story is so perfect and touching and made a already fantastic movie that much better for me.

I even seem to remember seeing that fanart on teammeat's blog(or maybe this site), great to hear a duder made it and have a even more awesome back story.

#137 Posted by TinyGrenade (162 posts) -

That was really great, read the whole thing twice and was awestruck both times. The whole thing Edmund said in the film really struck me about inspiring people to go out and do what they want to do because of his game so if you're that person then that is just amazing. Just to see you so incredibly happy, and to feel it in the writing, is special. Nicely done.

#138 Posted by Psycho_Rich (74 posts) -

@aurahack: A truly awesome blog post. I watched Indie Game: The Movie for the first time last night and loved it. Seeing Edmund's reaction to your artwork was one of my personal highlights so it's amazing to hear that it has such an emotional story attached to it. Great work Duder!

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Dude this was such a heartfelt blog, amazing read. Also, your B-grade writing skills are more than up to scratch, thoroughly enjoyed it ;) Wishing you all the best in the future man!

EDIT: Also, now I have no excuse not to buy the movie. Been holding off, but I think this has tipped me over the edge.

#140 Posted by Dylabaloo (1573 posts) -

@aurahack: I rarely read through entire blogs this lengthy but this time I did and I'm glad. Did you really draw that from just your imagination! Way to make a fellow drawer feel inadequate! Thanks for showing that there's always light at the end of a shitty tunnel hopefully mine will also end as awesome as yours. Good luck with your game!

#141 Posted by lilarchie232 (746 posts) -

I'm glad things worked out for you! I don't think there's a better feeling than knowing you can change people's lives by simply doing what you love. Your post was very inspiring and I wish you the best of luck!

#142 Posted by Scottish_Sin (238 posts) -

One of the best blogs I've read on GB. Congrats man, truly!

#143 Posted by m2cks (595 posts) -

Damn man, that's some good art you got there. Also, loved your story. Hope you continue to find joy happiness in your art and in your inspirations!

#144 Edited by MegaLombax (454 posts) -

You said in your post that you wanted to make people happy. I think you just did. A truly inspirational story. And the fact that you take time to reply to the comments here, you're okay mate. I wish you all the best in your future undertakings. God speed.

#145 Edited by aurahack (2503 posts) -

@GaspoweR: Thanks! Also, I haven't, no. I did send them an email about movies, though, which resulted in Max replying with this. I had a good laugh. (also hell yeah, another Comedy Button listener)

@ckeats: D: I figured it was in most major cities. Was there not a showing in Halifax? Bummer either way. And it really isn't. It only got better when I realised I was living for the wrong reasons. I hope you recover from it quickly. :)

@cheddartyme: Thank you. :)

@katanalauncher: Thank you. :'D In some way, I get to represent Giant Bomb for a second time in the movie, too! WE OWN THE PLACE.

@TinyGrenade: Thank you. :')

@Psycho_Rich: Thanks, man. :D

@Chavtheworld: Do it! It is an honestly terrific movie. You'd be missing out not to watch it.

@Dylabaloo: I wish you the best of luck as well. :) Thank you.

@lilarchie232: Thank you! :)

@Scottish_Sin: Thanks, man. :]

@m2cks: I will! :D Thank you.

@MegaLombax: I'd be a fool not to. I'm unbelievably fortunate to have what's happen to me actually occur, and the outreach from everyone both here and on Twitter has been too wonderful for words. For everyone's support, love, and well-wishes, it's only fair that I take the time to say thank you. :)

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Great story and blog! Good to hear that the creators of the movie were so down to earth.

Actually just watched Indie Game: The Movie this afternoon on Apple TV. I really enjoyed it!

#147 Posted by RedEyesBlueBunny (1025 posts) -

Awesome! I've always been a fan of Edmund McMillen so to see him react to your art must have been like the coolest thing ever! i love to see small things like drawing a picture out of boredom affect people's lives in huge ways. good to hear your story and keep up the good work in the future!

#148 Posted by Oni (2229 posts) -

Late to the party, but I just watched the movie and remembered seeing this on the frontpage. Really happy for you, despite not knowing you, and you're a fantastic artist. This whole post is just a fantastic sequence of pay it forward events.

#149 Posted by the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG (4313 posts) -

How have I not read this yet!  Damn, this was really touching.  I really want to watch the movie now.  

#150 Posted by RecSpec (4659 posts) -

Finally got around to reading this. Really great story, glad things are going good for you.

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