Indie Game: The Movie, and the fan art that changed my life.

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Wow, awesome dude.

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Excellent read, glad to hear this happened to you! I'm just about to watch the movie myself, and I'll keep it in mind.

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Dang son, you write really well :)

I guess I might know part of what you might have felt, losing someone you cared so much about. I live in Toronto, and I basically got to this city on my own because I had promised someone I would make it to her when I was 16 (I was 23 when I finally got here), only to find she was with someone else. It was hard with no friends here, but I found my way out. And hell, videogames were a big part of my recovery.

Coincidentally, I am building a couple of games as well. I have been programming since I was in my nappies, so if you ever need a programmer to help you out, gimme a shout ! Maybe we can collaborate on something. I think your art rocks !

Keep being awesome. GLHB.

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@aurahack: I don't know what else to say but holy crap. That is an amazing story. I'm still looking forward to seeing you at Otakuthon this year. I hadn't realized it was you since you changed your avatar, I think. I'm really looking forward to some FEZ artwork now.

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@MightyDuck: They are some of the absolute kindest people I have unfortunately never met.

@RedEyesBlueBunny: Thank you! c:

@Oni: Thank you. :'D I couldn't be any luckier after all of this.

@the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG: You should! It is most certainly worth it. And thank you. :)

@RecSpec: They are going quite super. c:

@Throat: Thanks, man. :)

@RetroVirus: Thank you! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. c:

@DuderBattalion: I try my best. In all fairness, I must have revised the thing, like, three times. I really wanted to make sure it was legible considering how long it is. D: And thank you. :) I most certainly know the feeling, and it's great you and I both found our way. I'll have to keep you in mind for programming, too! I think we are fine, but your proximity to myself (and, to some extent, our programmer) helps should we need it later on. :o

@superpow: Make sure you give a shout out! Look out for this poster. It's what I will be selling there, along with a ton of other game-related stuffs. :)

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Great read. Saw your art in the movie and thought it was fucking sick. Keep drawing!

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cool story, your inspiration inspires me. I'm guessing that was your first long term gf. It gets way easier to deal with the following times.

that thing you pointed out about Edmund at the end of the movie, about inspiring others to create things because of their work. that's exactly how i've always felt about music.

Shame my band sucks.

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I'm not sure how I missed this when you posted it, but I just want to echo the sentiments of the other posters - this is far and away one of the best blog posts I've ever read on Giant Bomb. Genuinely heart-warming, inspiring stuff, and beautifully written too. I'm really glad things have improved for you, aura, and I hope they continue to go from strength to strength in the coming months and years.

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Absolutely inspiring blog! I'm glad I read this before watching the movie, just when the art comes up I have this extra knowledge of what that moment meant was amazing

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Great post, great artwork (both your fan art and concept work) mate! Keep it up! ;)

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Hey mate,

Seeing that art in the movie made me smile too, so cool :) Even nicer to know that it had such a positive effect on you. Good work man :)


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I laughed, I cried, I . . . didn't really cry, just got a little teary eyed. Thanks for sharing all this, aurahack. You are an inpiration, and your art is great!!

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You draw very similarly to hiimdaisy, aurahack. Not in the fanart but in some of your original stuff I felt like he could have drawn it.

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This was a cool story. I watched the movie and Ed McMillen is just about the only one who comes out of it in a positive light, so that's cool.

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@GunslingerPanda said:

This was a cool story. I watched the movie and Ed McMillen is just about the only one who comes out of it in a positive light, so that's cool.

Edmund McMillen is a boss in that movie (and just in general). I knew I liked him from the first time I saw him wearing a Sunn O))) t-shirt.
Also, @aurahack, I just saw the movie for the first time the other day. It was awesome seeing your artwork in it after knowing the story behind it from this thread.
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Ahh... to be young and actually give a shit

I remember back in the day when a selfish person could wreck an entire year for me.

The cynicism to avoid that unfortunately only develops with age

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@Lozz: Thank you, and I will!

@Spam101: It wasn't, but it was the first relationship that I truly felt like I was going to stick out for the long run. I've been in similarly lengthy relationships, but none that ever meant as much. Maybe that's an argument that it was my first serious relationship--either way, it did what it did and I grew from it. And hey man, garbage or not, that shit is practice. You oughta see my early art. Fuccccccccccccccccck such horrible stuff.

@dankempster: Thank you. c: It really means a lot to hear it from the community here. Like, a lot.

@Genkkaku: I'm glad I was able to aid your movie-watching experience. :]

@Pathos: Thank you! :D

@warja: Thank you. c:

@Nate: Thank you. :'D That means a lot to hear. c:

@hankrazorbeard: I had to Google who that was. D: Thrilled to see I am compared to the artist who did those amazing P4 comics. Thank you. :'D

@GunslingerPanda: It certainly felt like he was a little conflict-less compared to the rest of the cast, but I think they all come out in a relatively positive light. At least, in their own way. Dark stuff, but a feel-good movie all around when closing.

@Jrinswand: Thank you. :'D And yes, he is fucking awesome. He has such a wonderful attitude and sense of humor. He's one of the few who truly inspire me. c:

@SpicyRichter: I have cynicism for a lot of things, but I wish to keep it out of the things that make me feel absolute happiness--like a relationship. I'd rather have a different, better outlook on it than a spiteful one. Certainly won't stop me for being cynical with everything else, though. It is of popular opinion with my friends that I just hate everything, haha.

Also oh my god, you are all so wonderful. <3 The thread is at over 5,6K views. That's 5,598 more than I ever imagined. ;-; Thank you to everyone.

I also apologise for constantly changing my avatar. D:

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This was a truly amazing read, congratulations duder!

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This was a great read. Such a cool fortunate string of events. I wish you the best with new life and career.

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Just watched the movie for the first time, after already knowing about this post, and that made that moment so much cooler.

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