New Super Meat Boy levels are really messed up

#1 Posted by Smokay (543 posts) -

I just played some of the new super meat boy levels and finished Cramps witch wasnt all that hard,A+ all levels easy.But dude the expert remix levels are some super ultra fucked shit I tought I had seen all the difficulty that this game had to offer but these levels are something else

#2 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11968 posts) -

What else were you expecting from this game?

#3 Posted by Sarumarine (2493 posts) -

Cramps was great. That's the kind of Super Meat Boy experience I can get behind. The Expert Remix (only played the first five levels) is totally fucked, but I think it's brought to you by the guy who put "I Want to be the Guy" together so that makes sense. They get bonus points for using Betus Blues and Devil N' Bass as BGM.
My favorite level was the one with the fifty missile turrets that fire a rain of missiles while you're running for your life. The first time I saw that it was hilarious.
"You know what would make this level harder? MORE MISSILES! ALL THE MISSILES! GO GO GO!"

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