New teh internets levels Sewers of Bross out right now

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20 New levels where you play as gish go go now
Just finshed it,20th on the overall leaderboard.The timing of the lasers on the last level are fucking ridiculous.

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really?  Ahh meatboy sucks me back in...

#3 Posted by GlenTennis (3269 posts) -

For frees?

#4 Posted by Terry_Bogard (308 posts) -
@GlenTennis: Teh Internets levels are always free. They're added through a patch.
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@Terry_Bogard said:

" @GlenTennis: Teh Internets levels are always free. They're added through a patch. "

 Technically this is not true you dont have to download anything you just have to access it trough teh internets world which you unlock after you get10 bandages(Might be 15 not sure).
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Does mean they've patched up the autosave glitch and bandage glitch as well?

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@CookieMonster: They should have,I was not glitched so I cant say for sure.Team meat says they fixed it
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I just finished them all with A+. Now I want even more new levels! Hopefully the next DLC won't take too long.

@CookieMonster said:

" Does mean they've patched up the autosave glitch and bandage glitch as well? "

No, the update still hasn't been released yet.
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Why did I have to look at these forums. 
You know I have to be up early? Thanks a lot!.. 
...... ........ ..... 
No, really. Thank you :) 
Edit for victory! 
Complete get! Good variety of levels there, really letting you know what Gish is good for. I found some to be quite easy and got through in a few attempts, others took a bit more of a throw-everything-at-the-wall amount of effort. Probably place it around Hell level of difficulty overall. The last level seems maybe a tad disproportionately difficult, but again, once you work out its rhythm it's not too bad.

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The idea of more levels is intimidating yet awesome. I'm still working on the dark world however, but it's good to know there's more in store after that.

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Maybe I'm braindead but for the life of me I cannot pass the 2nd gish level. I can go down and get the key but cannot get back up past the first saw blade. Wth...
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@LunarAura: You have to let go of the stick button so you can slide up the wall past each blade.
#13 Posted by Lunar_Aura (2824 posts) -

^^ ty ty ty!!!

#14 Posted by AlisterCat (6421 posts) -

I can't even get past the final stage of the game. :(

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They're not wasting any time on the free content, which is a good thing. I'll add this to my To-Do List/Thanksgiving Escape Plan.

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Man I can't wait for the PC version.

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