SMB Warp Zones

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Just started playing SMB, am on CH3 currently.  I've noticed a few times when I've beaten warp zones they don't appear beaten on the map.  Some portals turn red when they are beaten, but some just stay purple.  I don't understand.  Even when I look at the red ones there is no indication if they are beaten or not, other than being red. Are some warp zones just duds?

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Red warp zones are for when you'll get a character for completion. Purple are just for fun (and two bandages). Correct, there is no indication of completion, but they will show if you've received bandages.

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They are two different kinds of warps. 
Would be really nice if you could tell if they were beaten, 
I know there is one I didn't beat, But I'm not sure which one anymore so I'm going to have to go through them all one by one trying to find one I don't remember

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Not sure why you don't have a completion time listed for warp zones. Granted, you aren't shooting for a par time, but it'd be a nice indicator that you've completed level as all of the others have.

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Anyone know how to get the first bandage in 3-5 and 3-7 respectively?

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