Sorry SMG2, Super Meat Boy is the platformer of the year !

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  There was super mario bros...there was super metroid...there was super street fighter...there was super smash bros...

..and now...there's...SUPER MEAT BOY!

Ok maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration! Haha..or well..maybe its not.
Seriously though who saw this coming? The best platformer of the year so far( sorry super mario galaxy 2) is super meat boy and its not even close.

When i first heard about all the meatboy buzz( sitting at a beefy 91% metacritic) i was very skeptical. How could a game so "brutally challenging" be so

A few minutes into playing the game all of my questions were answered. For will die alot. Not just alot..thousands of times..seriously. Amazingly enough dying(failure) never becomes frustrating. Death is simply a component of the gameplay. There are no "lives" and dying instantly restarts the player at the beginning of each new stage so quickly its almost offputting ( in a very good way). Couple this with the fact that each stage is the perfect length and you get bite size bits of pure platforming genius capped off with superb final bosses that conclude each chapter with a true test of ones aquired skills.

Also i found it very interesting how full circle gaming and platformers as a genre have come while playing meat boy. When we grew up as young kids "death"in a game was a very bad thing...a signal of ones failure, to be avoided at all costs. With games like Super meat boy and limbo death has become a vital component of modern gameplay interesting thought to ponder and in some ways super meat boy is the ultimate example of this gameplay shift.

All of these elements are held together by the ultimate catalyst that any classic game needs. Amazing "controls". Unbelievably slick,intuitive and tighter than all hell the controls are the first element that struck my gaming soul. The game simply should not feel this good to play! pulling off feats that initially appear impossible are handled with the grace of a champion after a few quick deaths.Once you tackle some of the tougher stages earlier you feel like you can handle anything the game will throw at you. Its an amazing feeling of gaining fresh new gaming skills and confidence. A true testaments to the games pacing and masterful design.

Perhaps this sort of game isnt for everyone but you owe it to yourself to at least give this game a shot. Even a gamer such as myself who normally stays away from more "hardcore games" had trouble putting this game down. Has anything so "hardcore" ever been more "accessible"? Your thumbs may get a few bumps and bruises along the way but the satisfaction gained in return is absolutely incredible. There is very little wrong with meatboy and i cant wait to see how this series evolves in the future.There is a certain charm to the games violence and the music here that screams CLASSIC.   More than worthy of the words "SUPER" in the title Meat Boy has made his mark as the best platformer this year thus far.


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amen duder
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Played this game.  Don't understand why people are pulling their pants down and bending over for it.  It really is not that great.

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Not that surprising. Haven't played Super Meat Boy yet, but from the Quick Look it instilled a feeling in me I haven't gotten since World of Goo. Do want.

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Haven't played Super Mario Galaxy 2 yet but Super Meat Boy is great and definitely in my top 5 for this year.

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@ImpendingFoil said:
" Played this game.  Don't understand why people are pulling their pants down and bending over for it.  It really is not that great. "
Mine is that the game is one of the better platformers that have been developed in many years.
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....riiiight o_O

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Thread needs more trolls, IMO.
Also, haven't played Mario Galaxy 2 but Super Meat Boy is pretty fucking amazing.

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I will go ahead and respectfully disagree. Super Meat Boy is a super enjoyable game on a particular level, but having now played both that and SMG2 to completion (light world for SMB, normal game completion in SMG2) I find my vote being in SMG2's court. There is a lot to be said for the incredibly accurate and well implemented control scheme for SMB and the oddity that dying a lot isn't frustrating because the game is unfair is certainly a quality that cannot be ignored, but on the subject of variety in flavour and things that the player gets to do in both games is wildly different. Yes, SMB is super simple and aimed at a singular thing, with different characters who have their own specific types of momentum, but it is in essence the same thing every single level in the game, whereas SMG2 offers different/new gameplay elements/ways to approach levels almost every single level, and keeps mixing it up to make the player want to see what they get to do next.
It's a matter of opinion, and I'll respect you for choosing SMB as your best platformer this year, as it is a very good game, but I disagree with you.

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Great to see the love here and all the respectful disagreements as well! Love the thoughts so far,
I can absolutley see where your coming from as well. Its hard to really argue against mario galaxy....definintley an incredible game~
 You are right both games are vastly different in styles but almost match up neck and neck for sheer ingenuity. With meat boy i just felt like there was never a dull moment, and the music was absolutely legendary for what it was. You make a great point in that to some meatboy may end up feeling like your doing a singular thing throughout the experience, but that made the game feel a bit more "focused". SMG2 throws in every random idea at you(including the kitchen sink) and sometimes it can tend to feel, meandering.  Also for better or worse i tend to give the nod to the more original experience so because SMG2 was a direct sequel with the same core feel of the original some of the WOW factor was gone for me. 
I know some of that is subjective, but i will try and give the edge to a game that feels more....fresh.
You make some great points though. Hard to go wrong with either!

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As rewarding as Super Meat Boy is, and as disappointing as Super Mario Galaxy 2 was, I still had more fun with Mario.

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@ImpendingFoil said:
" Played this game.  Don't understand why people are pulling their pants down and bending over for it.  It really is not that great. "
Kinda agree. Also the image of someone pulling their pants down and bending over for a piece of meat made me laugh.
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I'm not sure if I can agree, but man... I think Meat Boy is a legit GOTY contender, so maybe so. SMG2 is one of the best games I've played all year, but I've been really impressed by Super Meat Boy. However, I just finished Hell and I think things started going a bit downhill there. I totally wasn't digging those freaking demon mouth things.

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You will be happy to know that the final areas of RAPTURE and THE END are absolutley awesome. One level "omega" took me nearly an hour to complete...and i loved every minute of it....
So its an uphill from there i promise! haha..
 have a great one

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@Sieferx2 said:
" You will be happy to know that the final areas of RAPTURE and THE END are absolutley awesome. One level "omega" took me nearly an hour to complete...and i loved every minute of it.... "
Loved every minute of it?
I felt like punching my cat.
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I don't know. They're both good. I can't really decide which one I'd place first.

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SMG2 was one of my favourite games this year, I haven't played Super Meat Boy yet but I highly doubt it will be better that SMG2 to me at least. Not really into the constant trial and error aspects to Super Meat Boy. 

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I just got a 100%! Totally the best platformer of the year.
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@RobotHamster said:
" Haven't played Super Mario Galaxy 2 yet but Super Meat Boy is great and definitely in my top 5 for this year. "
This.  I can't pass judgment on Super Mario Galaxy 2, as I haven't played it yet, but if it isn't leaps and bounds better than SMG, Super Meat Boy has it beaten for me.
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They're both in my top ten for this year.

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I would say Game of the Year is more like it.
Although at the moment it's tied with New Vegas.

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Hell yeah! 
I'm biased though, because I like 2D platformers more than 3D ones in general.

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I haven't played Super Mario Galaxy 2, so i cannot comment on it.  But i am loving SMB, and i don't know why, I usually get really frustrated when i fail a level so much (like in trials hd) but for some reason i can't stop playing SMB.

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This thread reminds that I NEED to buy SMG2.

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Super Meat Boy is awesome, but Super Mario Galaxy is better.

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Applets and oranges.
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Its very interesting how death has come full circle. With games like limbo and super meatboy death(dying) has now become a vital component of the actual gameplay. Despite Super mario galaxys greatness, it may be a bit to settled  in its own "traditions" to take the top honors away from meatboy this year. Putting the flash game it was based on aside, most of the world is being subjected to meatboys genius for the first time this year. This is defintley the year of the meat! hahaha..(so dirty).
Have a great one

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SMB is kind of just a refinement on I Wanna Be the Guy ballbusting platforming. Its good, yes, but even SMB gave credit where it was due.

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Nah, not really.

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I understand what your saying ...absolutley..
But wouldnt you give the nod to the game that is "ballbusting" the genre? Thats usually a more powerful experience when everything else its firing on all cylinders....
All the "genre ballbustin" in the world doesnt mean ANYTHING without quality....and thats what makes meatboy so special!

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I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on this game. Unfortunately I don't own no Xbox so I guess a Steam purchase is the way to go for me. I'd rather have it on console of course, but I don't really have a choice unless I get me a Xbox, which is out of the question since I'm planing on upgrading my rig and there is not nearly enough money for both in my tiny little world.

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Yes, a game that actually dares to kill you instead of giving you free cookies is very refreshing in these times.

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