Super Meat Boy PC Box Art Is Amazing

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#51 Posted by eldiax (632 posts) -

This is fucking amazing.

#52 Posted by cordialsnail (178 posts) -

Really looking forward to this, I've become rather ... obsessed with Super Meat Boy, recently.

#53 Posted by jonnyboy (2920 posts) -

Win on top of Win.

#54 Posted by nintendoeats (5975 posts) -

I really wish I had known about this...

#55 Posted by blaakmawf (543 posts) -

This is fuckin' brilliant!

#56 Posted by sjolle (165 posts) -

lmao ... this is incredibly creepy yet toaty awesome ... AT THE SAME TIME !

#57 Posted by Tireyo (6451 posts) -

-_- Sickening. 

#58 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12240 posts) -

Wow. That's amazing.

#59 Posted by golguin (4115 posts) -

Looks fantastic. It has given me the inspiration to stop my Plants vs Zombies run and finish those last two dark worlds.

#60 Edited by Malphye (410 posts) -

If I didn't feel sick at the moment I'd say its alright, but damn its not helping me right now. Going to watch Kirby's epic yarn quicklook. That should cure me.

#61 Posted by bybeach (5053 posts) -

Nice butt on that honey!! 
No.......but I am impressed.

#62 Posted by Bismarck (432 posts) -


#63 Posted by RaidenMitsuru (195 posts) -

I find this box art  terrifying.

#64 Posted by BenderUnit22 (1563 posts) -

It looks so disgusting! It's amazing!

#65 Posted by Glak (578 posts) -

This box art is both the most amazing and horrfying thing i have ever seen

#66 Posted by ZombiePie (5789 posts) -

It looks gross. I would not buy that. In fact I would not even touch that with a ten foot pole. No soup for you Super Meat Boy.

#67 Posted by Synthballs (2193 posts) -

It astounds me that some people have bought it on two different platforms.

#68 Posted by mracoon (4990 posts) -

The package looks great but I don't think I could justify buying the game for a third time.

#69 Posted by Redbullet685 (6105 posts) -

That looks Awesome!

#70 Posted by nohthink (1223 posts) -

I don't like it. it's disgusting

#71 Posted by tourgen (4542 posts) -

are you kidding me!?  THIS IS AWESOME!  I "own" the xbox live copy but I'm getting this version too.  Amazing.  God I hope it has a printed manual.

#72 Posted by ursa1979 (29 posts) -

I have been working on creating my top 50 games of all time. This game easily made my top ten, I cannot stop playing it.... I've beaten the light world and most of the dark world... but holly shit bandage girl's world is insane.
1.Final Fantasy VI (3) 
2. Shadow of the Colossus 
3. Ninja Gaiden (nes) 
4. Super Mario Galaxy 2 
5. Super Mario World 
6. Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link 
8. Super Meat Boy 
9. Final Fantasy VII 
10. Zelda: A Link to the Past

#73 Posted by Gorehorn (93 posts) -
@nohthink said:
" I don't like it. it's disgusting "
Yup. Totally agree with that. Sure it's a funny cover, but it's a completely different kind of funny in comparison to the game's humour.
#74 Posted by Dynamitekyle (573 posts) -

Time to buy my third copy of this game.

#75 Posted by Nomin (983 posts) -


#76 Posted by JackSukeru (5989 posts) -
@ursa1979: Props for having Zelda 2 on there, one of my favorites as well. 
On topic: The cover is both disgusting and awesome. I think I prefer the cute style though, even if this is kinda funny. 
It's also funny because I wrote a comment about the possible boxart if it came boxed on the Wii saying it could be awesome. 
Still haven't played this game.
#77 Posted by Deeveeus (479 posts) -

ummm.....WTF! lol

#78 Posted by Ozone (103 posts) -

This has "epic" written all over it.

#79 Posted by Suicidal_SNiper (949 posts) -

I've put more hours into SMB than I did into Blops, it's definitely worth the 25 bones.

#80 Posted by siavm (76 posts) -

That sure is some super meat he is packing.

#81 Posted by FusionVortex (26 posts) -

Wow, I didn't know that meat boy looked like that....
#82 Posted by Kjellm87 (1722 posts) -

It's.....kinda creepy.
It's like a person without skin.
Art itself is awesome.

#83 Posted by Absolute_Zero (238 posts) -

Good thing I haven't bought the Steam version yet. Extras features for the win. Now all they need to do is release a Super Meat Boy HD with art in this style.

#84 Posted by Winternet (8080 posts) -

If THAT is the box cover then I'll buy it even for 50 bucks.

#85 Posted by Daftasabat (519 posts) -

If only the graphics were that good hahahahaha

#86 Posted by Red12b (9086 posts) -

that is really awesomely fuckin' amazing

#87 Posted by Red12b (9086 posts) -
@ThatFrood said:
" What is with all these babies saying ew and gross? "
I know right? Grow a spine, sheesh.
#88 Posted by CaptainSidekick (28 posts) -

That is AMAZING. Totally reminds me of the ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing though.

#89 Posted by RsistncE (4496 posts) -

I don't looks really...gross.

#90 Posted by Insectecutor (1207 posts) -

This is such a great reminder of the old times when game box art was always some ludicrously embellished artists impression of what a handful of pixels might look like if it were real. These guys really get it.

#91 Posted by CrispyT68 (28 posts) -

I can't imagine better box art!  I'll run out and---still buy the game on Steam...

#92 Posted by captain_clayman (3328 posts) -

HOLY SHIT this is amazing

#93 Posted by Skald (4370 posts) -

Wow, that is really something. Reminds me of the Mega Man box art in an obvious kind of way.

#94 Posted by Krakn3Dfx (2504 posts) -

Needs more squishy!

#95 Edited by MrKlorox (11209 posts) -
dude on his blog said we can get prints from soon. So there's your poster. I'll just get that instead of the game box.
#96 Posted by ssj4raditz (1125 posts) -

So... beautiful... *tear*

#97 Posted by Crump (22 posts) -
Wow........just wow...
#98 Posted by maxim2boobles (52 posts) -


#99 Posted by Brendan (8269 posts) -

Hi-freaking-larious.  Love it.  Bandage girl looks pretty gross though.
#100 Posted by StevieQ (241 posts) -

This needs to be made into a wallpaper. Seriously.

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