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#51 Posted by Tonic7 (249 posts) -

Not sure if this question deserves its own thread, but... 
Am I the only one who finds this game really difficult to play on a computer? I think the Xbox version is just so much easier for me, personally. Something about the arrows on the keyboard...gah. I think I'll have to get a wired Xbox controller just to play this game on PC. Luckily, I am in the market for a new controller anyway.

#52 Posted by Butano (1893 posts) -
@Tonic7: Yea, using a 360 controller makes it more precise with its analog stick, rather than a switch on the keyboard.
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SteamID: RedHatDrew

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steamid: mushyhands

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 If possible, it would be nice to know when the next update of the ranks will occur.  I just added you mracoon and MattyFTM to my friend's list, and would love to see an updated ranking sometime soon (hopefully with my name there somewhere hehehe).

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Just picked this game up and have just got done clearing 100% both light world and dark world of the first and second zone, as well as warp zones.

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Im waiting till I can get me a wired controller though, the keyboard is terrible for this.

#61 Posted by mzuckerm (442 posts) -
Already bought Super Meat Boy before the sale, but at less than $4 I almost want to buy it again.

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#63 Posted by Gamez_hunter99 (101 posts) -
Steam ID: Gamezhunter

#64 Posted by mracoon (5087 posts) -

Updated the top 10 list.

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#67 Posted by s10129107 (1365 posts) -

I've taken second place!!! WOOOT WOOT(do people still go woot?) though i'm far behind psycosis

#68 Posted by Scrawnto (2509 posts) -

#69 Posted by ESREVER (2836 posts) -

Whew! Just completed all light world levels. 
Whats the highest yall are ranked on an individual level? 
I think my best is Rank 82 on one of the Cotton Candy levels (light)

#70 Posted by emem (2051 posts) -
@ESREVER: Hm no idea, but when you check the levels you will see that each level has 10-50 people with a time of 0 secs, so.. it's still messed up and you don't really know what your real position is.
#71 Posted by ShiftyMagician (2168 posts) -
@emem said:
" @ESREVER: Hm no idea, but when you check the levels you will see that each level has 10-50 people with a time of 0 secs, so.. it's still messed up and you don't really know what your real position is. "
This is true.  All the more important that we just compare it between us GB users then and ensure none of us are trying to glitch our way to the fastest times.  Team Meat will fix should hopefully fix this next month after they get the level editor out.
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#73 Posted by Yozora (30 posts) -

Hi, I just signed up to Giant Bomb because of this thread :p I need more people to compare times with! 
I've spent a good 40 hours on meat boy so far and I'm slowly starting to lose interest :( Can't wait for the map editor and all the community content to revive my meat boy addiction!
Here is my profile;

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#75 Posted by LiquidSaiyan3 (506 posts) -

Just got the game half-off from Steam and I'm LOVING IT!!! 

Steam ID

#76 Posted by mracoon (5087 posts) -

Updated the top 10.

#77 Posted by Appuh (46 posts) -

Steam ID: appeh
Only done all the normal first world stuff though.

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#80 Posted by Jadeskye (4392 posts) -

man i ain't getting anywhere near that list.

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This whole potato sack thing has reminded me to update the leaderboards. If anyone has got the game recently then be sure to put your name here.

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