Super Meat Boy Steam Update

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Super Meat Boy was just updated on steam! So for all you who had problems give it a shot now! 
Shortened from the blog: 
-Fixed Crash on Startup 
-Fixed Crashing After Playing 3 Levels 
-Added Resolution Modes Workaround 
-Added Brownie and Dr Fetus Bosses 
-Fixed Menu Crashes 
-Added -lowdetail, -mediumdetal, -highdetail commands 
For Tomorrow:  
-Non-Xbox 360 Gamepad Support 
-Fix for Mr.Minecraft crashing the game
-Bug fixes for new chracters 
-Fix crash on exit  
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This is awesome! I'm still waiting for the level editor, too bad it wont be out until next year.

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For those users experiencing the Super Meat Boy mini-dump crash: 



After many hours of testing. Following these steps, and your problem should become history.



#1. Update your video card drivers, ATI website, or nVidia website depending on your graphics card type.

#2. Install the Microsoft DirectX Update found here:    . 
#3. On some computers there is no sound card installed. This will cause Super Meat Boy to crash, because, despite your sound card drivers installed, Super Meat Boy will not run if you have no sound card. You must install a sound card if you don't have one. In my case, I don't know the sound card on this computer, so I simply installed VIA Audio (Wave) device generic sound card through Device Manager. Even though my PC doesn't play sound, the crashes stopped after the fake sound card was installed.

Try these steps. In most cases your Super Meat Boy will run stable now.

Performance Tip: If you find the game is lagging a bit, especially after playing for a few hours or running programs in the background, simply set the game to run in Window Mode and open your Task Manager. Find the process called SuperMeatBoy.exe and set its priority to 'Above Normal'. This should give your game a good performance boost. Leave the game in Windowed mode.

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 -Non-Xbox 360 Gamepad Support
time to get my ps2 controller freak on

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 Or, you could bust out some Wiimotes and pretend you're playing the Wii Ware version!

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