The end level 5

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This completed this level took me about 500 attempts but i did it and got the A to go with it thank god! The drop just after getting the key was what i couldn't get past, i got it first time after that. for anyone else stuck the trick is to do a min jump just before the saw blad on the left handside as you are sliding down the wall. 
This was by far my least favourite level, what are yours? 
Im assume the dark world of this will be even more of a bitch.

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Just wait until you get to the last level of the Cotton Alley.  
Least favorite thus far is the second level of The Kid's warp zone.  You can't go at your own pace since you have to ride the elevators, which means it's much easier to screw it up because there's little to no muscle memory involved, and much more soul-crushing when you do (on the very last elevator WHY WHY WHY???) because you don't even have the confidence instilled by that muscle memory.

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