the final boss (spoilerz duh)

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So on dr fetus I went in with twenty five hundred ish death. I came out with just over three thousand. Fucking hell love this game. And on top of this I had to switch controllers four times in the process of that level because my hands were so sweaty and the controller so slimy. Buy this game if you haven't. There is something to be said about making something so fun that even dying three thousand times doesn't feel terrible

#2 Posted by Sessh (1734 posts) -

So, did you do the light or the dark world version of the fight?


I just finished the dark world version about an hour ago, and it took me ridiculously long to finish the second part, even though it's way easier then some other levels.

After this, and the Cotton Ally, I'm now at 5000 deaths. But yeah, still fun.

#3 Posted by maskedarcstrike (792 posts) -
@Sessh: how much harder is the dark world version than light world?
#4 Posted by Sessh (1734 posts) -
Well the first stage I found to be really easy, even easier than the Light World version. 
But I had some problems on the second stage. Still as I've already said, it really isn't that hard in theory, so if you managed to beat the Light World version, you'll also manage to beat the Dark World one. (With some patience at least.)

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