What adds up to the 100%?

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Just want to clarify something. I'm guessing for 100% you need to have all the bandages, all the characters and have all the levels completed under par time. I'm guessing that you do not need to complete the minus world levels or the first set of levels in Teh Internets? 

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You need to A+ all light world levels, finish all dark world levels (doesn't need to be A+), find and complete every warp, unlock every character, get every bandage. 
Like you said you don't have to do the minus levels, or teh internets.
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not sure if you have to do minus worlds, you mgiht, but pretty sure teh internets is optional.

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@Phr4nk0: Wait wait wait...you mean to say that I have A+'d all the dark world levels up to Cotten Valley (not started on dark yet)...for no...reason...??!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHH! 
Either way, good to hear. I've 100%'d everything up to and including The End (so, bandages, warp zones and characters). I figured that minus levels, being rather random, probably wouldn't count, other to maybe boost up the leaderboards? Good to know there's clarification on that one % wise. And similarly Teh Internets, it's DLC, so I assumed not inclusive. Thank you! 
@DXmagma: Thanks!
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 When I beat it, I'm pretty sure I had 105%. I actually got the 100% achievement after I beat the second-to-last level.  Not sure what gave me the extra 5%, maybe it was from minus worlds, teh internets, or maybe just a glitch.

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dark world levels, light world levels and bandages

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