What character specific level packs would you like to see?

#1 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6651 posts) -

So, for those of you keepin' in and on the up and up you'll know that Team Meat announced on their blog that one of the new Teh Internetz level packs coming out before the end of the year would be made exclusively for the character GIsh. (aka that black slimy guy from that PC game no one remembers) 
Now see, that's a cool idea. While all the characters can pretty much navigate most of the main levels well enough, they rarely get to use their unique talents outside of their introduction levels and a few specific Bandages. By creating level packs based solely around that character Team Meat is essential making a completely different style of play. Think of all the bull shit they could take advantage of to fuck with you when the level revolve around sticking to the ceiling. THINK ABOUT HOW FUCKED YOU WILL BE. 
So yeah, who do you think it would be cool to have level pack for. 
Your inability to unlock them is not an excuse. 
Personally I'd like to seem some more Ogmo or The Kid levels because I could see some really bad things happening when you have a double jump. 
Also Commander Video because rainbows.

#2 Posted by WalkerD (488 posts) -

A Meat Ninja area might be nice. I feel like he's essentially useless since you only get him after literally doing everything and he disables leaderboards.

#3 Posted by Smokay (543 posts) -

Spelunky could lead to some really good level design,but I hope they dont do any Flywrench levels because he controls so weirdly.Some Tim levels would be really awesome too.

#4 Posted by TwoLines (3402 posts) -

Jill airbreak levels. Man. That would be awesome.

#5 Posted by Shadow (5121 posts) -

Spelunker by far.  That would be so goddamn awesome.  Or you could make a level pack based around the pink Castle Crashers knight and design the entire thing to look like Yoshi's Island.

#6 Posted by Horsepuckishness (50 posts) -

Ogmo please. I love his air control and double jump.

#7 Posted by csl316 (12249 posts) -

With Tim they could make an action packed sequel to Braid, ignoring the artistry and craft of the original for ball busting, time shifting action.
Braid 2: The Reckoning
...or something along those lines

#8 Posted by Eristocrat (456 posts) -

Flywrench, because those levels would probably be the most different from the main game.

#9 Posted by Lunar_Aura (2824 posts) -

Another vote for Flywrench here.

#10 Posted by Kyelb22 (306 posts) -

I would've said The Kid, but after beating his warp zone, seriously, fuck that.

#11 Posted by chu52 (643 posts) -

Where is the kid's warp zone?

#12 Posted by Eristocrat (456 posts) -


#13 Posted by Ktargo (115 posts) -

I would love to see The Ninja get a world themed after N (or N+). I know he isn't super unique like some characters but it kind of sucks you unlock him so far along that you don't really get to use him much except for replaying levels. Plus, I see great potential if they make the levels similar to his game.

#14 Posted by LadyShayne (153 posts) -

I'm with Jill, all the way.

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