World 7 (SPOILERS)

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#1 Posted by Lunar_Aura (2824 posts) -

When I first saw the intro I thought "Aw how cute now it's Meat Boy kidnapped and Bandage Girl is to the rescue."
Level select screen "Hahaha it's The Cotton Alley where everything is pink and lovely and the music is sweet this is adorable how they gave Bandage Girl some levels of her own. Team Meat must really wanna appeal to all demographics. This is gonna be a funny, relaxing spin-off seeing as I already beat the game."

-Begins level 1...

*dies* (Oh ok I must be off)
*dies* *dies* (wait, wasn't this supposed to be easi...)
*dies *Dies* *DIES* *DIESDIESDIES*

-Exit to map

What. The... Why?????!?!?! Bandage girl is so cute and the map is so pink and heartwarming then you start the level and it's these demonic Kaizotrappy romhack stuff! But the levels are still well made so I can't stay mad. Stupid deceptive game. Stupid gullible me.

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#2 Posted by jpete (25 posts) -

I just finished world 7 a couple minutes ago.  I'm seeing saw blades when I close my eyes.

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#3 Posted by Evercaptor (436 posts) -

Dr Fetus is a cunt.
I'm determined to get the true ending before I start on them. I'm already 86/85 dark world levels and battling the gun toting Dr Fetus so not much longer to wait.

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