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the most hardcore of all games and this game sucks aha

so sicknick or whatever that guy that review this game he say it is the best game but then i downloaded it and it made my dick hurt
what is this stupid shit
if i want a hardcore game i play halo reach or some other shit
super meat boy is a flash game made by gay babies who want to be invader zim which is even gayer than being a gay baby and they are super gay and i dont like gay people or  gay videogames and this game almost made  me gay because i beat it 20 times this review said i could never beat it it so hard but it isnt
i am good at super mario i can jump over all the holes so super meat boy was no challenge for me, and i was  saddened to know there was nothing to it but jumping
overall this game is great please buy it

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Posted by tsolless

You are a very poor, obvious troll, dude.
Also, just to note, XHardKOREX and rockcock 64 are the same person. Both accounts were made half an hour ago within a few minutes of each other. Both names are cock names, both are nintendo fans, etc.

Posted by Th3_James

Halo Reach isn't a hardcore game, and I hate the term "Hardcore Game"  
these are games not porn genre's

Posted by captain_max707

Loved your review. It's nice to see that there are people out there who really take their time when considering a game to review, play it to the fullest, and then compare it only to itself when writing a review. I applaud your words, as these are the words of someone who is truly a capable reviewer. 

Posted by yourcool
@tsolless:  they have different ip addresses you retard
Posted by tsolless
@yourcool said:
" @tsolless:  they have different ip addresses you retard "
Add yourcool to the list.
Created 15 minutes ago.
Posted by claudius

This is hilarious. The only thing that would have made it better is if he used the word "gay" 10+ times rather than only 7 in that one sentence.

Posted by Babylonian

this review owns

Edited by bybeach

I look to this review for my deepest inspiration. The best, or worst part, was that I was already prejudiced (word of  deliberate choice) against his game anyways. 
In case the sarcasm isn't perceived...wtf guy? 
Oh, a troll.....I know it was U, Mario!

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