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Super Meat Boy Is Bloody Great Fun!

 No, the title wasn't to highlight the fact I'm British, it was a bad pun to highlight how awesome 'Super Meat Boy' is! You'd think I was a masochist by saying how much I love this game, because it's just a straight up challenging game, there isn't any question about it, this game is 'hard.' Of course the earlier levels start off as less of a challenge but if you're not familiar with the game's controls and mechanics even the early levels can be grueling experience.

 Meat 'Meat Boy' (Okay I'm done with the puns now.)

The plot of the game is simple, you are Meat Boy, and your girlfriend Bandage Girl has been kidnapped by the evil Dr. Fetus and your objective is save her. However, the plot may seem simple but the game will throw whatever it can to stop that from happening, from Saw Blades, to Used Needles the game has something around every corner that is out to kill you over and over again, but from what I've wrote thus far it's made this game look like your regular frustrating platform game, and this is where Super Meat Boy has the edge.

Although it might be a frustrating platform game, Super Meat Boy does it well, it's hilarious and over the top, you will get as much pleasure from seeing Meat Boy die as you will get agitated, ontop of that the best part is the levels don't get repetitive because in each world there is always something new and different. Once you beat the required time in each level you can play the dark world version which

 Saw Blades are all fun and games...

decorates the level you know with murderous contraptions that will raise the difficulty bar, also a few levels have a gate way to 'warp zones' which take you to a retro theme'd 8-bit level with references to classic platformers and some of which will give you

access to special characters such as commander video, you can also buy other characters by collecting bandages from specific levels in the game. With 7 worlds and 300 levels Super Meat Boy will keep you entertain for more than just a few hours... So expect a speedy, challenging, comical, fun and frustrating game that is undoubtedly one of the greatest Xbox Live Arcade titles to date.

Super Meat Boy is currently 800 Microsoft Points but will go up to 1200 at the end of the month so if you plan on getting it, do it now.

Enjoy the bloodshed


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