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enter the meat dimension

Super Meat Boy is the latest in the frustrating but satisfying genre of masochistic platformers. Initially shown as a flash game super meat boy is a tough, tough game that requires incredible precision, accuracy, and surgeon like hand eye coordination in order to traverse its levels but the slick controls, charming presentation, and smart level design make it stand far and above its competition.
The good:
The presentation of super meat boy was easily my favorite part of the game. From the intro sequence to each boss battle the entire game drips with color, personality, and charm. There are also fantastic references to old school games such as castlevania, pokemon, and ninja gaiden as well as references to popular games of today such as minecraft and vvvvvv. Probably my favorite feature is the replay function. Each level that you complete shows you a replay of your run. However, it not only shows you the completed replay, but mashes it together with all your failed attempts so a level that may have taken you 25 tries will result in a replay showing 25 meat boys all trying to get to the end of the level and dying along the way which is a fantastic, fantastic feature. All this is backed by a great soundtrack that is refreshingly retro. The controls for this game are also very precise which in a game that requires pin point accuracy is a good thing. There is also a lot of content to explore despite its relative simplicity. From finding secret levels to collecting bandages to unlock new characters there is plenty to keep you coming back to this game.
The bad:
This is inherent to the game but its difficulty is unflinching and unforgiving. It requires tremendous precision and accuracy on your part and that can lead to a lot of moments of jaw clenching and controller throwing. Now I get that this is part of a masocore game but this hurts the replay value a bit when i spend up to 30 min on a single level just to know that the next one is harder. Also the music is good but there is only one song per area and listening to the same beat especially for 30 min as you are trying to beat a single level can be annoying which makes me wish that they had changed it up.
Overall a great great game that should be in anyone's collection super meat boy is like a bad relationship: you know you shouldn't go back to it but somehow you just do.


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