trojanman's Super Meat Boy (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

Do you Crave the Challenge?

Find Mario a bit to easy? Well then let Super Meat Boy whip you into shape, with levels that are both difficult and satisfying to beat. Don't get me wrong, this game is great, but for people who are new to platformers might want to go for something that is both enjoyable and fun while offering an average challenge. But what sets Super Meat Boy apart from other platformers is it's amazing level design, as each new level that you go into will hold new obstacles and just when you get the hang of it the game throws another challenge at you. You don't get any fancy power ups and a lot of levels will be a trial and error, but the amount satisfactory that you get when beating a challenging level is well worth the effort. Another thing that is hilarious is all the cut scenes as there full of great video game references. The replay value is enormous for the asking price (which is at least less then $10 now). Each area of the game has it's standard levels and the dark world levels, which will test your abilities to the limit, and going back to make your score perfect is always very nice. If you got any love for classic platformers and haven't picked this game up let, then you are doing yourself a crime. Quit wasting time reading this poorly done review and play this game NOW!!!


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    One more try 0

    Super Meat Boy is a platformer that makes you cry as much as it makes you laugh. This is definitely a game that demands a download of the free trial before purchase because you'll either love it or hate it.    What appeals to me are the charming graphics, fun references and most of all the tight controls which help you steer through the sometimes insanely difficult levels. You can start and stop whenever you wish, land on exact pixels and change directions mid-air but it will take some practice ...

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