jhudson3's Super Meat Boy (Steam) (PC) review

This Game Is Great.

Is this game frustratingly hard? Yes.

Is this game quirky and you feel accomplished beating it? Yes.

Should you buy this game? Yes.

My experience for Super Meat Boy is one of pure, frustrating, fun. Super Meat Boy is a platforming game that has a difficult level structure but it is beatable. There is a great level editor for user created levels to challenge your skills even further. I recommend playing this game with an Xbox 360 controller as it will give you more control. This is a fun game that you can take turns with your friends to complete levels and its fun watching other people get frustrated. The graphics on this game are crisp for a 2D game and the cut scenes are very comical. Overall, I believe you will enjoy this game with patience. I lowered my frustration by going back and playing easier levels as a cool down period but that might not be necessary for anyone else. Boss fights at the end of each stage are challenging. There are unlockable characters that you can purchase or by getting in "warp zones" Watch out for bandages and warp zones and try to get 100%.


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