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Earth is on the brink of destruction and Mother Nature has released the Super Mega Worm to destroy all of the humans and keep the Earth from dying. Players control said worm.


Players steer the worm around to gain momentum to blast out of the ground and eat/destroy objects by coming in contact with them. To progress through each level, players have to eat or destroy a certain number of objects that are indicated right below the health bar.


Combos are gained by eating or destroying multiple objects in one above ground jump. Players can stay above ground by bouncing off of objects such as cars, tanks and helicopters. For every object that is destroyed, players gain one multiplier.

Power Ups

Upon progressing through levels, players gain power-ups that will help in the quest to kill everything.

  • Gas: By holding down this button players will go faster.
  • Spit: When above ground, the "Gas" button turns into a "Spit" button. Spitting shoots a ball of red energy.
  • EMP: This ability causes everything within its blast radius to blast away in addition to time slowing down. This allows players to aim with the spit ability much better and adds precision to the worm's movement.

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