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If I played this when I was 8 when it originally came out I would

 Well after never really playing this game until 2010, I feel like it is great game that still holds up in todays standards. I always remember people telling me how great it was but I never had a chance to really play it since I never owned the game. But thanks to the Virtual Console I was finally given the chance. To start off the only Metroid games I have played before this one was Fusion and Prime 1 and 2,Pinball and Hunters. But this game although short was very fun to play and I know if I played it as a kid it would probably be one of my favorite games too. The gameplay was fun and the graphics were amazing especially for being that old. The boss battles were fun and it had a ton of collectibles to keep people playing for hours. I can see why people love this game cause it is truly great and for Metroid fans out there it is a must have and play.    


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