4 Invites, first come first serve

#1 Posted by DFSVegas (368 posts) -

I've got 4 invites. I really like this game, but there's not nearly enough people playing it. I've been matched up with the same guy 4-5 matches in a row a couple times. Small player pool, it seems.

Post or PM me your steam name, and I'll send you an invite.

#2 Posted by Pie (7226 posts) -

YO YO YO PieGB if there are any left still

#3 Edited by ZeroFanatic (13 posts) -

Am I too late? Steam: Zerofanatic

#4 Posted by dantey (285 posts) -

dantey01 on Steam. Thanks!

#5 Posted by Mcfart (1879 posts) -

Meeeeeee (devilsnare on steam)!

#6 Posted by DFSVegas (368 posts) -

Alright, first 3 dudes who PM me an email will get a key. Apparently you have to have somebody on your friends list to gift them items. Also, I couldn't find PieGB or Dantey01 on steam.

ZeroFanatic, it's yours if you accept my friend request.

#7 Edited by Ashcrack1087 (46 posts) -

I've got 3 keys aswell, send me a pm with your steam name if you want one still. None left now.

#8 Posted by deerokus (633 posts) -

I also have 3 invites.

#9 Posted by electricfuzz9 (50 posts) -

@deerokus: hey i'll take an invite if you still have one! steam: electricfuzz9

#10 Posted by DFSVegas (368 posts) -

Still have two more invites.

#11 Posted by returnofjake (261 posts) -

I have two myself I think. PM me :)

#12 Posted by SoldierG654342 (1872 posts) -
#13 Posted by azrailx (496 posts) -

if there are any more invites i would like one, thanks


#14 Posted by Moofey (71 posts) -

I'm considering hitting this up, too. Steam ID is "dahbam"

#15 Posted by hellknight6 (18 posts) -

If there are any keys I would love one, steam ID: sHaRp

#16 Posted by Dropbonks (3 posts) -

any more invites? Steam ID: Dropbonks

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