Is the matchmaking any better than in beta?

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I played the beta for a good 100 hours a couple of months back until I finally gave up on it out of frustration... The lack of a competent matchmaking system left me with a win/loss ratio of around 1/4, meaning on a good day I would win ONE IN FIVE GAMES. Then I compared it to my time with League of Legends: their matchmaking system works so well that most people I know have a 1:1 win/loss, as do I. Meaning: the game pairs you against teams of the same skill level as your team... I quit out of frustration because that simply was not the case in the beta and it resulted in more angry losses than actual fun. My friends and I were constantly paired up against insanely organized and experienced teams that were clearly FAR better players than any of us, so we constantly got obliterated. My hope was that in returning to the game post-release they would have ironed out the matchmaking system and before I bother downloading it myself I figured I'd ask the forums. What are some of your guys's win/loss ratios post-release? Do you find yourself winning and losing around the same number of times? Is it still insanely impossible to catch up and imbalanced when they start snowballing with a few kills lead?

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Sorry about the lack of paragraphing, stupid IPad!

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There is matchmaking now, but its important to note that the game is still in beta really.

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There's a lot of new players, so I find that games can go either way. Now's a good time to be playing.

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Doesn't seem to be any better. Just lost 5 games in a row. There was nothing anyone could possibly do to win in any of them either.

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