SMNC officially released on steam!

#1 Posted by salomdi (46 posts) -

The devs have moved the game into being completely open, due to the massive waves of invites that they sent out and also the whole infinite use beta key thing. The floodgates are open, now lets hope enough people join to be balanced by matchmaking...

#2 Posted by returnofjake (231 posts) -

Hopefully an influx of new players! Great!

#3 Posted by Boboblaw (319 posts) -

Awesome, thanks for the heads up.

#4 Edited by owack6 (220 posts) -

This was a really odd release , they just pretty much threw this one out there without anyone knowing.

I hope this means more content and maps especially!

#5 Posted by returnofjake (231 posts) -

They said they were having issues with the last round of invites that went out, so they just opened up the game completely on Steam. Which is pretty neat!

#6 Posted by salomdi (46 posts) -

ya, there is going to be a massive publicity drive alongside the next update, which should be on thursday (big patches are normally on thursdays)

#7 Edited by Demoskinos (15034 posts) -

So, question to anyone that actively plays. I launched it since I had the beta already installed and I have 655 of the coins or whatever but I also see it says $13.00 in the corner. Is that also in game currency or real money? Cause I don't remember ever spending money in the beta. I'm just not real sure how their monetizing system works.

EDIT: Nevermind! Found out what is going on... it is real money credit but apparently they ditched their uber points system and converted any uber points people had to real money credit in the store. So I basically got 13.00 credit for free. O.o Nice!

#8 Posted by joeq1159 (111 posts) -

I believe that is money in your steam wallet. You want my advice? Use real money to pay for the cheaper pros and use coins to pay for the higher tier ones.

#9 Posted by Demoskinos (15034 posts) -

@joeq1159: Nope. I don't have any money in my steam wallet and haven't for quite some time.

#10 Posted by MrMazz (1026 posts) -

I'm trying to get ti but I keep getting a error saying No Connection from Steam. I only recently got steam is this just due to a lot of people trying to get the game?

#11 Posted by salomdi (46 posts) -

no, this is due to steam maintainance botching the steam servers, meaning downtime for everyone!

#12 Posted by returnofjake (231 posts) -

Latest update is out, the official TF2 - SMNC crossover patch. A few new uniform items in game which is pretty neat, but the servers are borked atm so can't get a game going :(

#13 Posted by Azteck (7449 posts) -

Would be great if it actually worked.

#14 Posted by returnofjake (231 posts) -

They're fixing them live, check back in a couple hours and it might all be ok :)

#15 Posted by DeviTiffany (450 posts) -

Downloaded it, I'll hop on whenever the game feels like working correctly I suppose.

Never played a MOBA-style game before, but I'm hoping this this being sorta more shooter-ish will help me ease into that style of game.

#16 Posted by salomdi (46 posts) -

@DeviTiffany: it should do provided you dont just rambo in there like its cod or battlefield. just hang back a little and poke at the enemy team, then when one of them is low go in for the kill

also make sure to kill bots a lot. bots=levels=more damage=more kills=more fun :D

#17 Posted by BisonHero (6674 posts) -

@DeviTiffany: Think of it like a shooter where every time you die, it's the end of the fucking world and your team will hate you forever. Kill bots to grind levels, and be cautious around other players.

#18 Posted by DeviTiffany (450 posts) -

Yeah, I try not to rush in and die. So far I've been most comfortable playing Combat Girl and healing people while throwing robot cats around corners.

#19 Posted by joeq1159 (111 posts) -

Combat girl is so effective because she can pop 4 cats on all over the place. So you go in thinking its all clear and then you get fired on by the cats hiding on the walls. Plus she can support turrets which is pretty awesome. And that fucking laser can easily kill a weak pro from quite a bit away. An effective combat girl is pretty damn awesome.

#20 Posted by Azteck (7449 posts) -

Combat Girl is awesome. I love it. Favorite class, or champion, or hero, or "pro".

#21 Posted by TobbRobb (4761 posts) -


@Azteck said:

Combat Girl is awesome. I love it. Favorite class, or champion, or hero, or "pro".
#22 Posted by Marz (5659 posts) -

figure there would be more people playing the game since it's free :O 
or has everyone gotten tired of free games :P

#23 Posted by joeq1159 (111 posts) -

It really doesn't seem like this game is getting very much coverage. Sure, there's the Steam featured on the store front but I don't know if that's going to attract waves of players. I think it needs a bigger marketing push, but considering the size of Über they might not really have the resources for that.

#24 Posted by salomdi (46 posts) -

i think they should try and get machinma to do a livestream of it. would get a lot of viewers, probably...

#25 Posted by joeq1159 (111 posts) -

At this point, anything would only help.

#26 Posted by TheHT (11556 posts) -

Tried it out a bit last night. Online gaming's kind of hit and miss with my wireless adapter these days, but the games that played smoothly were fun.

#27 Edited by darkvare (772 posts) -

i tried and didn't liked it at all controls were pretty shitty everyone also i know says the original is much better though havent tried that one yet

#28 Posted by salomdi (46 posts) -

controls are good, and i personaly think that this game is better. the people who think that the original was better played the game like a deathmatch, from any other standpoint the game was slightly poor in terms of gameplay mechanics.

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