Steam Beta Key Give-away

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UPDATE: All my beta keys are gone, but there are others in this thread who have more on offer.

I have four Steam beta keys for Super Monday Night Combat. If you would like a beta key, simply post your Steam name, and I'll send one to the first four posts.

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Hi Mercanis. :)) I want one beta key please :'(( Here's my Steam ID: SrntyJamesXD

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Here ya go fella.

Edit: I'll also be happy to lock up this post when you're done to save anyone else dropping in hoping for Steam keys when they're already gone.

#5 Posted by ImaLizard (72 posts) -

myaccount2223, me please :D

#6 Posted by Mesklinite (847 posts) -

I also have 3 to give away

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love one, rly interested in giving the game a go

#8 Posted by Mercanis (931 posts) -

@SrntyJamesXD said:

Hi Mercanis. :)) I want one beta key please :'(( Here's my Steam ID: SrntyJamesXD

I'm not finding you on Steam. You sure that's your Steam ID?

#9 Posted by Neezie (132 posts) -

I've got three to give out.

#10 Posted by Karmum (11514 posts) -
#11 Posted by Neezie (132 posts) -

@Karmum: It won't let me just send it to you, so I'll add you as a friend then send it

#12 Posted by Karmum (11514 posts) -


Weird, okay and thanks, just got it! Only was able to enjoy the trial on XBL, so getting more time with almost the same game sounds awesome!

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#14 Posted by Creamypies (4153 posts) -

Anybody who wants to send one my way would be most appreciated.

Steam ID: kowalskimandown

#15 Posted by dense12 (4 posts) -

If there's anymore out there. thanks :D

#16 Posted by bmeason (45 posts) -

Steamid: bmeason81

#17 Posted by AlisterCat (5850 posts) -

It said I had one, and some to give away to friends but I dont have it in my list and nothing in my steam inventory :/

#18 Posted by FonkyMucker (157 posts) -

If anyone has one my steam id is ::FonkeyMucker::

Also, feel free to friend me if you want someone else to play with.

#19 Posted by SirPsychoSexy (1352 posts) -

I'd love one if anyone has a spare: Steam Id

#20 Posted by Dropbonks (2 posts) -

any more invites? Steam ID: Dropbonks

#21 Posted by FonkyMucker (157 posts) -

nm, just got invited to the Beta. If I somehow get anymore Beta keys I will let you good folks know.

#22 Posted by owack6 (232 posts) -

Don't have any keys but looking for people to play with.

Steam Id: Owack6

#23 Posted by slyspider (1463 posts) -

Not sure if anyone has anymore keys but.... ID: Slyspider

#24 Posted by salomdi (46 posts) -


the key is an unlimited usage key that the devs have said is ok to be spread around. just redeem in steam, it should say that you already own the game, if not, just keep clicking next.

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@danielbugs said:

I need a beta key, if anyone could make that happen, i'll be glad.

Here is my Steam ID webpage:

I'd like the point out the game is released now....

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can i have a beta key my steam username is sotomi2000

#28 Posted by MB (13611 posts) -

If this game is still in beta after more than two years, you probably don't want a key. Nice bump though.


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