Sudden change in skill level

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Has anyone else experienced this? After hitting level 20, almost everyone on the teams have characters who are not unlocked for free for the week, and have loads of costumes unlocked.

Before level 20 I used to be top of my team consistently with a good K/D ratio and lots of bot kills but now I hardly ever get a postive K/D and am almost never top of my team.

I know im being a bit hypocritical but it's not as fun anymore for obvious reasons, and this game is seriously rage inducing, like the worst for it. Think im going to pop a blood vessel

Edit: I took some advice and decided to main one pro, I chose assassin, i find most other pro's boring and some like the veteran I just cannot use. Its been going pretty good and assassin is a really fun class!

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its very normal.

level 20 is the point at which you get chucked out of the newbie pool, and into the open matchmaking system.

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Yeah I started 31-17, feeling pretty good about myself. Since then 9-17. Good thing diablo came out when it did.

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@salomdi: But why are there no people like me?! Just crazy mo-fo's that spend $50 on costumes that do nothing and who knows how much on boosts to buy endorsements and products.

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"I can't kill bad people anymore. Should I quit the game?"

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Its ok man. it hit me like a freight train as well. I recommend going on the official forums and getting some tips for your class of choice and simply focus on not dying. It just takes some knowledge and practice. i still don't top the scoreboard for my team, but i can at least get a decent k/d ratio most of the time.

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This is how free to play games seem to work in my experience. Tribes Ascend was this way too.
It causes people to quit and not get any better, resulting in a greater disparity between hardcore and casual. When will f2p devs realize there needs to be multiple "beginner" tiers instead of alienating the people who don't have the time or money to force their way in?
@blueduck said:

"I can't kill bad people anymore. Should I quit the game?"
"I took something out of context for the express purpose of making myself look like a douche"
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It's hard to adjust to actual play beyond level 20 because from 1- 20 no one has any idea what they're doing. And having a costume says absolutely nothing about a players skill level. Or having a non rotation pro unlocked. Learn to play your character, and you'll be fine. Even if there's a feeder on my team I'm usually doing well enough so that it doesn't effect me at all. Might mean I have to carry the team but hey, if you can might as well. Also play with people who know what theyre doing. Playing with a team of people who know what they're doing changes so much.

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certain cotumes do specify good players (battle damaged CTS for example)

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The only difference I noticed is the people who don't know what they are doing stick out like a sore thumb. If you are playing long enough to hit level 20 you should prob learn how to play your class correctly. Endorsements and Products can't ever replace skill in this game. You can't buy you way to god status.

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Use more skill?

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Same thing happened to me. At that point you actually have to learn how to play instead of just spamming your favorite ability and relying on basic shooter skills. I was really confused when all of a sudden I was struggling just to keep from embarrassing myself. Just take some time to learn how to actually build your character and use the other skills and you should slowly start getting better. I feel like I finally turned a corner and have started working my way up to "less embarrassing" now.

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K/D is hardly a good metric in the game. If you are dying way too often, slow down and group up more.

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This happened to me as well.  Glad to see I'm not the only one.  Seems like there should be a mid-tier for matchmaking.  The skill difference between 20-100+ is pretty immense.  It's like getting tossed from the kiddie pool to an acid sea filled with sharks.
I actually thought it was because all of the TF2 hat hunters had left (anyone else notice that there's been about 1000-2000 less people playing?) but reaching level 20 makes more sense.

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From experience the matchmaking is not divided almost at all after 20 but instead just unlocks all players for play, so you still get easy fights even after a 100 hours of play against people who clearly just started playing and getting steam rolled, its a new game and the team clearly havent spent a lot of time balancing this part of the game.

Stick with the game it gets really fun at a slightly higher skill level against teams who push you back and forth, some amazing 40+ minute matches have been played like that.

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Sound advice in this thread.

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I was the same way. A very high win/loss ratio, then getting crushed over and over. Now I'm back to 50%% and I know what I need to improve on with my character (as well as what I need to purchase to get the optimal build)

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There does seem to be a brick wall, in terms of a skill curve. I'm almost level 30 now and every game is a toss up. Either I lose really bad or I'm the best on my team (based on the in-game scoreboard), but we still lose, often times hard.

I got one of my friends hooked, but we hardly play together. Also it doesn't help that they messed with the grouping system, so sometimes you end up against a whole clan on the opposing team, who then procede to DOMINATE.

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