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The concept of the game is an updated formula of a classic idea. To move the monkey, you tilt the platform the monkey is sitting on. The ultimate aim is to get your monkey through a goal at the end of a course within a certain period of time. You obtain score based on how much time you have left at the end of the level, and how many bananas you collected during it. The game has a very nice difficulty curve, starting at being easy enough for a five year old, and finally progressing to extremely hard levels. The game makes it very obvious that the bananas used are Dole.

Story Mode

Going to hit that switch?

The evil Dr. Bad-Boon has stolen all of the bananas from the island that AiAi, MeeMee, GonGon, and Baby live on. These for monkeys chase Dr. Bad-Boon through 10 different environments, each with 10 levels. Unlike the first game, there are unlimited lives and no restrictions on the order the levels within each environment are played.

Challange Mode

This mode is a lot like the original game. The player is given a set number of levels to complete within a set number of lives. Also, some levels have multiple goals that will allow the player to skip levels. There are four difficulty levels-- Beginner, Advanced, Expert, and Master. Beginner has 10 levels, Advanced has 30, and Expert has 50. If all of the levels in a difficulty are completed without losing all lives, there are 10 extra, more difficult, levels to play. If the Expert stages and extra stages are completed, the master difficulty is unlocked. The Master difficulty has 20 extremely hard levels.

Practice Mode

Practice mode allows you to play any level you have played before with unlimited lives.

Party Games

These are extra little games that can be played by up to four people.

Monkey Race 2

Monkey Race

Very similar to the original monkey race. In Monkey Race, you race around the track collecting power-ups and trying to avoid other peoples attacks. These power-ups include turning other people into ice cubes or hexagon-like shapes, shooting bombs, laying bananas, boost, and shooting missiles. It is very similar to Mario Kart. Most of the tracks are very easy to fall off of like in the main game. Monkey Race has six different tracks.

Monkey Fight 2

Monkey Fight

Ever wanted to pit four monkeys against each other in a brawl? Well now you can. In Monkey Fight you take control of a monkey with a boxing glove attached to his ball. You swing it at enemies and try to knock them off of the level. There are a few power-ups do be gained here as well. They makes you punch harder, your glove bigger, your glove longer, your attack spin. There are three different levels. The only difference between this and the first monkey fight is that you can charge up your punch.

Monkey Target 2

Monkey Target

However fun it might be, this game is not the popular department store filled with monkeys. You roll your monkey down a ramp and launch it into the air. Then you deploy your wings and said to a target. To land you just close your wings, and whatever point value you land on is how much you get. There are three different courses, some have multiple targets. You can get some power-ups in here as well. They let your monkey immediately stop when he his the target, slow down quicker, and multiply your score. You can also collect floating bananas in mid-air to increase your points. Monkey Target 2 has easier targets than the original.

Monkey Billiards 2

Monkey Billiards

Monkey Billiards two adds the 15 ball game mode and Japanese 9 ball game mode. It does not have much extra. The game physics and shooting modes are similar to Bankshot Billiards.

Monkey Bowling 2

Monkey Bowling

Monkey Bowling 2 keeps both of the first modes, and adds a third. Normal mode is your standard game of bowling. Challenge mode gives the player 12 throws to knock down all of the pins in 10 different formations. The third mode makes the lane different in each frame. Sometimes it will be moving, sometimes just really curved. In every other game, all of the characters are the same. In bowling, each character has it's own strengths and weaknesses. AiAi is all around. MeeMee has the best curve. GonGon has the fastest bowl. Baby's bowls are the easiest to aim.

Monkey Golf 2

Monkey Golf

Monkey Golf 2 is mainly a normal 18 hole golf course with some extra crazy thrown in Monkey style.

The rest of the games are locked at the start, and must be bought using play points.

Monkey Boat

Monkey Boat

This is like monkey race but it boats. Push the left and right triggers alternatively to make you monkey paddle the boat. There are many different power-ups to pick up, but only one course.

Monkey Shot

Monkey Shot

Monkey Shot is a lot like light gun games such as Duck Hunt. the camera fly's around in the air through a few levels. Enemies fly towards the screen and you must shoot them with your cross hairs. This game is played in first person. There are quite a few power-ups to pick up, including some to make your shots bigger, give you a bigger clip, and make your gun fire faster.

Monkey Dogfight

Monkey Dogfight

As the name implies, monkey dogfight is an air combat game. Each monkey can shoot it's machine gun, which it has infinite ammo for, or missiles, which there are only a few of. The last monkey flying wins. Bananas can be picked up to refill health. There are some power-ups too. There are 3 different levels.

Monkey Soccer

Monkey Soccer

The rules are exactly like regular soccer, try to score more goals against your opponent than they score against you. Before each match you pick which monkeys you want on your team, each of them having specific advantages and disadvantages. From there the game is just like regular soccer.

Monkey Baseball

Monkey Baseball

The player controls either the pitcher or the batter. As the batter, you can move around in the batters box and swing at the pitch. The outfield wall has many different compartments in it. Which compartment the ball rolls to is how many bases the batter runs. There are also ramps scattered throughout the field that count as home runs if the batter hits one. When the pitcher throws, he can keep changing the speed or direction of the ball until the batter hits it. He also gets to control the outfield when the batter hits the ball. If someone in the outfield catches the ball before it gets to a compartment it is an out.

Monkey Tennis

Monkey Tennis

Monkey tennis is much like regular tennis with singles or doubles modes.

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