Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll (Trailer)

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Sega have released a trailer for Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll (Wii), which will feature Wii Balance Board support.


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I think Ryan already posted this in the vid section.

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Yeah it's no big deal, it's good to have a forum thread also, espceciallyt to add updates...


The latest issue of US Magazine Nintendo Power has revealed some info on Sega's latest Monkey Ball adventure, and what will come as a relief to many is that Balance Board isn't the sole control option, as Tilt Wiimote control remains firm from Banana Blitz.

Speaking of Banana Blitz, the article confirms that Tilt and Roll runs off an upgraded BB engine, and that some of the Minigames will remain, and a few new ones will enter the fray. Not only that, but the jumping ability, of which many Monkey Ball traditionalists felt ruined Banana Blitz, has been completely cut, as have the bosses. All four main Monkeys will return.

There will be 7 worlds, and 10 stages for each. There is also an unannounced new feature for the game being kept in the dark for now.

Thanks to GoNintendo

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I liked Banana Blitz so I am likely to pick this one up.

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