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The Super Mutants were created using the F.E.V. virus. They come in multiple types:

  • A Super Mutant brandishing a minigun
    The Super Mutants carry rather weak weapons and have the least amount of health.
  • The Super Mutant Brutes carry tougher weapons and have more health.
  • The Super Mutant Masters carry powerful weapons and have lots of health.
  • The Super Mutant Overlords (become available in Broken Steel) carry very powerful weapons (Tri-Beam Laser Rifle) and have the second most health.
  • The Super Mutant Behemoths are monstrous creatures with an enormous amount of health. They are capable of quickly killing a player in just a few seconds. There are only a few Behemoths in Fallout 3. Behemoths tend to carry enormous melee weapons thrown together using objects like a fire hydrant.

In Fallout 3, there are two friendly Super Mutants. Fawkes is an extremely powerful follower that the Vault 101 Dweller can acquire. Your Karma must be Good in order to get Fawkes to follow you. Fawkes uses a Gatling Laser and a Super Sledgehammer when asked to, and has so much health that he/she is basically indestructible (it takes several shots from a Fat Man to take him/her down). Uncle Leo is a Super Mutant found in a random encounter that is nice towards the player.

Super Mutants tend to travel in packs. Therefore, it is uncommon to find a single Super Mutant all alone, unless they are hanging around a camp guarding a Wasteland Captive.


Super Mutants stand roughly 10 feet tall. Their skin colors is a mixture of green, yellow, and gray, and they have amazing endurance and strength. Super Mutants can weigh up to 800 pounds. They have very deep voices. Most Super Mutants seem to be mentally stupid, although intelligent and even friendly Super Mutants have been discovered.


Super Mutants were first created on the West Coast by a man named Richard Grey who led an expedition to

Mariposa Military Base

in the year 2102. The group was attacked by robots, and Grey was dipped in an


vat but managed to crawl out. The

F.E.V. virus

was originally meant to be injected into humans, but Grey concluded that physical interaction with it worked as well. Grey was extremely mutated by the virus and turned into a mound of flesh. Throughout his lifetime, he captured humans who visited the base and began doing experiments on them as well. Satisfied by the results, he decided that he would force humanity to evolve into Super Mutants, which would thus end all conflicts. Anyone who wasn't mutated would be killed off. By the year 2155, Grey began looking for normal humans to use in his Super Mutant army.

Richard Grey, also known as The Master

There were problems in creating the Super Mutants, however. Most of them turned out to be very unintelligent brutes with incredible strength. Grey was convinced that humans who weren't exposed to as much radiation as others became smarter Mutants, while those that were heavily irradiated were stupid.

During the year 2162, a person known as the Vault Dweller put an end to the Super Mutant army by creating an explosion in the


vat in the Mariposa Military Base. After the base collapsed, he proceeded to kill Richard Grey. Without their masters, the remaining Super Mutants divided themselves into three different factions. The first faction went with a Mutant named Gammorin to the East Coast to start a new life. The second faction, under the leadership of someone named Attis, believed they should continue Richard Grey's work and decided to stay on the West Coast to rebuild their army and dominate once more. The third faction remained where they were, and some of them wanted to make peace with the humans. During the year 2185, a Super Mutant named Marcus came across a

Brotherhood Of Steel

Paladin named Jacob. The two of them battled for a while before giving up and calling a truce. They began traveling around together, and eventually founded the community of Broken Hills along with a group of ghouls, humans, and other Super Mutants.

Marcus, the friendly Super Mutant that helped to create Broken Hills

The faction that went off with Gammorin were chased by

Brotherhood Of Steel

airships sometime after their departure. Most of them ended up in Chicago, while one of the airships crashed near a Mutant camp. The leader of the ship named Palaidin Latham challagened Gammorin to an unarmed battle. He managed to defeat the Mutant to the surprise of everyone who witnessed it. Because Latham had defeated the last chieftan, everyone expected him to become the new leader. Even though he had suffered a sever head injury during the duel, he decided to become the leader of Gammorin's troops and even changed his name to Gammorin. The army eventually became nearly as powerful as it was during Richard Grey's time. An artificial intelligence from Vault 0 called Calculator sent robots after the army. After this, Latham swore to destroy them. However, at their faciliity in Jefferson, the Brotherhood Of Steel invaded and wiped them out. Any remaining Mutants were even allowed to join them in an attempt to destroy the robots.

The second group, under the lieutenant Attis, went into hiding and began searching for clues about the

F.E.V. virus

history. Shortly after the year 2208, Attis and his forces set off for the city of Los where a rumor had started about an improved version of the virus in Texas. They were quickly destroyed by the Brotherhood Of Steel.

Frank Horrigan, the grossly mutated Enclave super-soldier

In the year 2236, the


happened upon the remains of the

Mariposa Military Base

. They began searching the desert for slaves, whom they used to dig through the site in search of one of the


. vats. The Enclave eventually unearth the

F.E.V. virus

, and the workers that found it began to mutate. One of the workers named

Frank Horrigan

came into contact with the virus and was sent to a lab for study. He eventually turned into a Super Mutant that was so loyal to the President he became one of their best fighters ever.

During 2237, the Enclave left the site after collecting enough data. They left one squad behind to wipe out the remaining Mutants, but they were quickly killed by them. The Super Mutants that were left standing were thrown into the base, and the Enclave destroyed the entrance and trapped them in.

By the year 2277, the Super Mutants had appeared in

Washington D.C.

on the East Coast. These Mutants were created in Vault 87 through the Evolutionary Experimentation Program. The modified version of the

F.E.V. virus

made them grow stronger and larger with age. They differ from the West Coast Mutants because their skin has a yellow hue to it, and they look healthier due to the fact that they don't have any conspicuous physical disorders.

In Fallout 3, the Super Mutants are at war with the

Brotherhood Of Steel

. The BoS made the decision to change their priority to protecting the people from the "Muties" instead of preserving and gathering technology.

Reilly's Rangers

, a group of soldiers that are rescued during the quest of the same name, also battle the Mutants in an attempt to clear them out of the


. These Super Mutants now capture humans around the Wasteland and try to get them into Vault 87 to transform them into more Mutants.


A Nightkin attacking with a melee weapon

The Nightkin were skilled members of the Master's army. They are special in that the transformation into Super Mutant did not severely affect their intelligence, so most of them are intellectually superior to standard Super Mutants. They had access to special equipment while fighting for the Master. One of their favorites is the Stealth Boy, which they still use during the events of Fallout: New Vegas to get the jump on their victims. The excessive use of the Stealth Boy device has caused their skin to turn from greenish-yellowish to a light blue color. Long exposure can also lead to schizophrenia, as seen in Tabitha and many of the inhabitants of Jacobs Town in New Vegas.

Some of the Nightkin that left the Master's army after his demise joined up with



Black Mountain


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