Can anybody recommend a portable SNES device?

#1 Posted by Hizang (9360 posts) -

I'm in the market for a portable SNES device, I realised I haven't played to many SNES games so I should probably get to it. I have a SNES of course but I only have a HD TV and games don't look to great on that. Plus I find the idea of sitting on a train playing a SNES device kinda cool.

Now before you recommend the SupaBoy or FC - 16 please note they only play US SNES games.

This looks great but sadly does not support UK games.
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Start figuring out ways to import US games if you can, the jump to 60hz is a great one as nearly all the songs stuck in your head from the games were 17.5% slower on our PAL units

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Isn't that what PSPs are for?

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@SomeJerk: This would mean though I would only be able to play the US games on the handheld or go and get a US SNES, this gets expensive.

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An iphone or android phone works, except the controls can be a bit difficult because of it being a touchscreen of course.

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A PSP with CFW is what you shuold get. The SNES emulators are pretty much perfect. Not to mention that it has actual buttons unlike what a a driod or iphone would have.

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No reason to spend money playing old ass games that you already own.

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you should wait WiiU

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Not going to get into the legality of emulators, but, PSP with CFW is probably your best option.

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@Jrinswand said:

Isn't that what PSPs are for?

Or GBAs?

#11 Posted by Doomed (209 posts) -

Dingoo can also be used.

The SNES games with GBA ports are pretty good but many SNES games do not have GBA ports.

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All you need is a tv watch and the snes micro.

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unless you're welling to get all ben heck on this you might be out of luck. emulators look like the easiest and cheapest way, psp or ds with a R4 (also save states are good if you're playing on the go).

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PSP is a very good option but if you want to go crazier try pandora. that thing got one of the best portable snes emulators on it, very customizable and powerful enough to run PS1 games. but I guess PSP deos that too. I don't know the CFW situation nowadays though, you might have to buy it second hand.

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This is all you'll ever need duder,

It's just not available ATM but I do have to say it's the best of the 3 portable SNES's & it also plays NES games too.

I got one about a month ago & I love it, & unlike the other 2 portables, the battery life on this amazing on the RPD(Retro Duo Portable) around 6-8 hours on a single charge. is were I bought mine, but like I said they are sold out everywhere but keep an eye out because it's the one to get.

EDIT: yeah sorry, this one only plays US SNES as well. I didn't fully read what you said. I don't think they have one that plays PAL on the market, so looks like hacked PSP might be your only option.

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Jailbroke my ipad 3 and downloaded a free snes9x. That was just fantastic to play FF5 on. With games where you can move diagonally as well such as Jurassic Park, the controls are more frustrating but for RPG's where you can only move up and down it's amazing. There's few filters but they work very well and the emulator has absolutely zero framerate hiccups or anything. It's simply flawless. And you can just minimize the app when not playing.

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PSP and CFW.

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I actually thought about getting that dumb sony android phone with a d-pad and buttons because there are pretty good emulators up to n64/ps1 on android. By the way, the best way I've found to get them was to download the slide-me marketplace and they are all on there, all of them are free except the n64 and ps1 emulators.

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@Jrinswand said:

Isn't that what PSPs are for?

Yep. They're also good for GBA games as well, and a fair number of Nintendo 64 games and PS1 games.

Actually, PSP's are best looked at as an all-in-one '90's gaming machine with GBA functionality thrown in for good measure.

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Try looking up how to make one. You could use a phone or maybe a psp to play snes games but i say they're not too good. I have one on my iphone and ill rather have that one you posted a picture of. Heres a link to how to make one. Oh wait never mind! use a adapter! You should be able to pop it in when you want to play Pal games.

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