Game Logo Letter Quiz Thingy: Super Nintendo (Part II)

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Golden Rule:


S --> Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (skidd)
U --> Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts (hinderk)
P --> Captain Commando (buzz_clik)
E --> Zombies Ate My Neighbors (StarFoxA)
R --> Star Fox (MattyFTM)

N --> Animaniacs (Happy)
I --> Killer Instinct(jakob187)
N --> Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! (JJOR64)
T --> Final Fantasy III (timay)
E --> Mega Man X2 (sgjackson)
N --> Secret of Mana (dankempster)
D --> Kirby's DreamLand 3 (Sleepy_Insomniac)
O --> Super Bomberman(SuperMooseman)

Game Logo Letter Quiz Thingy: Super Nintendo (Part I)

#2 Posted by JJOR64 (19608 posts) -

The second N in Nintendo is from Donkey Kong County 3.

#3 Posted by MattyFTM (14691 posts) -

R = Star Fox?

#4 Posted by StarFoxA (5258 posts) -

E in Super is from Zombies Ate My Neighbors.

#5 Posted by skidd (476 posts) -

S from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island?

#6 Edited by jakob187 (22496 posts) -

I in Nintendo is KILLER INSTINCT!!!

#7 Edited by sgjackson (541 posts) -

I think the E in Nintendo is one of the Mega Man X games, but I'm not sure which one. Going to guess 2.

#8 Posted by timay (198 posts) -

Surprised no one has guessed the T. Its Final Fantasy 3 or 6 if you want to get technical

#9 Posted by Dolphin_Butter (1984 posts) -

D is Kirby's Dreamland 3.

#10 Posted by dankempster (2636 posts) -

I think the third N in Nintendo is from Secret of Mana.

#11 Posted by Happy (264 posts) -

First N in Nintendo is from Animaniacs.

#12 Posted by Gump (627 posts) -
There are only two left!
#13 Posted by buzz_clik (7332 posts) -

Oooh, I didn't see Part II here. Is the P from Captain Commando?

#14 Posted by luce (4056 posts) -

U = ninja turtles?

#15 Posted by buzz_clik (7332 posts) -
@luce: Nope. But I know what it's from... *chuckle*
#16 Edited by TheMustacheHero (6649 posts) -
@luce said:
" U = ninja turtles? "
That's what I thought.
#17 Posted by hinderk (709 posts) -

u= super ghouls n ghost

#18 Posted by buzz_clik (7332 posts) -
@hinderk: Bingo!
#19 Posted by Gump (627 posts) -

Alright, this one is done.

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