How does the SNES Controler Pad feel?

#1 Posted by Mendelson9 (453 posts) -

I have a strange question. I recently hooked up all my retro consoles to a new CRT TV I got and was playing some Super Nintendo games. I noticed that the D-Pad on the controller feels...mushy. I does not 'click' like my NES controller or even the N64 controller. Is this the way its supposed to be. Normally I would think that its not and it needs to be clean but both of my SNES controllers feel the exact way.

#2 Posted by believer258 (12695 posts) -

It's old as hell, I'd expect most of them to feel that way by now.

#3 Posted by Bishna (339 posts) -

I might be mistaken, but I believe it is kinda supposed to be like that. Maybe it is not as firm as it used to be, but I never really remember it being clicky. Though I was like 5 when my SNES was new, so I could be completely wrong.

#4 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11944 posts) -

Age certainly isn't helping, unless you've kept them under the cleanest of conditions over the years.

But as for how they were meant to feel way back when... I want to say that they were never clicky. But it's been so long since I've used a non-old/crappy SNES controller (crappy as in condition) that I can't be certain.

#5 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

IIRC, the SNES pad did feel mushy. The NES pad definitely had a much more defined feel to the directions but I may be misremembering the SNES one.

#6 Posted by posh (600 posts) -

the mushiness helps with those quarter-circles on street fighter. i actually got a third party one recently and it's not mushy enough, so i can't do shit on street fighter

#7 Posted by Syphous (185 posts) -

I played a loooooooooooot of SNES, and I remember the D-pad being 'squishy'. It definitely wasn't as stiff as the NES.

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