Looking for SNES game bundle?

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Hey guys. So I'm very likely about to have a SNES in my possession, a system I have never owned before due to my age. However it is not coming with any games, I'm left to get those on my own. Now there is a store near me that sells some old SNES games that I will probably end up buying, however I am also interested in something different. Ever since Ryan had his whole 100 famicom games thing, I thought that was an awesome idea. Getting a bunch of games where you don't really know, some could be crap, some could be great, and some could really suprise you. So I'm interested in purchasing a bundle similar to this, however I'm having a tough time finding anything like this. Most deals I find have maybe 4-5 games, and that's with a console, or I find one with a bunch of games and it's $1000. I'm willing to spend up to a little over $100 for something like this. So can any of you duders help me find something similar to this? Or am I just crazy and dumb?

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