Overlooked SNES games

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Rocky Rodent was also a great game that has received barely any attention. 

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@extremeradical said:
" nd Terranigma. "
hells yeaa!! (points to avatar)
also, I really loved B.O.B.

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An overlooked Capcom gem

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The cover art for phalanx always cracks me up.

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Tiny Toons Adventure Buster Busts Loose! 

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Did Super Mario RPG get a lot of attention? I don't remember. I feel I don't hear it mentioned too often in discussions about great SNES games.

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I feel compelled to point out how some of these games either weren't good or did get a lot of attention, but I'll just compile a list of my own:

  • Seiken Densetsu 3, to an extent, simply because of a Japan only release.
  • Donkey Kong Country 3, at least within its own series.
  • The Soul Blazer games.
  • Hagane. Effing Hagane.
  • Super Tetris 3 was pretty cool.
  • Captain Commando.
  • Doom was pretty cool, although I might have hated the 32X version so much that anything looked better.
  • Mystic Ark. Ignore its shit predecessor, or the fact that the people behind it didn't make many good games (Brain Lord effing sucks). This is a cool game.
  • Umihara Kawase.
  • Super Dimension Macross blah blah blah blah.
  • Famicom Tantei Club: Part II.
  • That one Cho Aniki game.
  • Those diabetes games, if you're looking for a "good bad game" (the gaming equivalent of Plan 9).
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@Hizang said:

Tiny Toons Adventure Buster Busts Loose! 

I love this game :D
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@Video_Game_King said:
" Hagane. Effing Hagane."
This, ActRaiser and Magical Pop'n.
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ActRaiser isn't really overlooked, though. My rule of thumb is, "If a game constantly appears on people's Overlooked Games lists, then that game isn't overlooked."
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The SNES version of Shadowrun should be overlooked cause the Genesis version was way better. 
  @Underachiever007 said:

" Did Super Mario RPG get a lot of attention? I don't remember. I feel I don't hear it mentioned too often in discussions about great SNES games. "

I remember it getting reviewed well and getting a lot of attention when it came out. I think it got lost in the shuffle since it came out in mid-1996 and the new generation of consoles were starting up. The Playstation was already out and the N64 would come out a few months later. 
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Some of you guys have really weird definitions of "Overlooked".

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I think I know why Phalanx was overlooked. Would you really want to play a game with a banjo playing hillbilly on the cover?

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@Video_Game_King said:

  • Famicom Tantei Club: Part II.
Also... these: 

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Wow! Games have really evolved since then...

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@DeF said:
" @extremeradical said:
" nd Terranigma. "
hells yeaa!! (points to avatar)
also, I really loved B.O.B.     
Man Terranigma is the greatest game ever in my opinion - thanks to my grandma I had this awesome gaming experience. I play through the game every now and then (it's also the only game I ever actively played and completed on my PSP :-D) 
Two other cool games:
Very heavy on the action, loved it!

Coop Multiplayer on the SNES! I bought the NTSC version boxed a few months ago and the PAL version arrived today ;-)
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 Essentially a one-button-game
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@dpaul said:
Oh hell yes!
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Some of you guys have really weird definitions of "Overlooked".

Also, very "loose" definition of "great games".
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@Stefan said:
Probably one of the greatest Co-Op games of its time. Brought me and my Mom together in gaming and made me a happy kid :)
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@Gaff said:
" @BlazeHedgehog
Some of you guys have really weird definitions of "Overlooked".
This. Also, very "loose" definition of "great games". "
We also "play" "games" that "we" find "fun," "too"!  It's "uncanny."
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 Cybernator by Konami
Traded my copy of Super Probotector (aka Super Contra) for Cybernator back in the day. Up to this day, I do not regret this trade - even though I ponder it every now and then. Also - this thread would be so much more fun as a youtube spam thread. I'll never understand, why it's being frowned upon.
Anyways - I'll just go ahead and embed a 'lil bit of Cybernator footage. Found a nice comprehensive Cybernator review. Enjoy!
 I love it for it's weighty controls. The shield. The diversity of gameplay. Destructible environments. Shooting tiny people. Awesome cult classic - but certainly somewhat overlooked by the general gaming populus in the Western market. Cybernator holds up. Recently replayed it form start to finish. The music alone is worth playing the game.
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Cybernator. Seriously, look it up. This was one of my favorite SNES games, and almost no one I grew up with knew it existed.
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@JoeyIA said:

                    Ninja Warriors



This, very much so. I don't think a lot of people played this though, and rather they played the first in arcade. The first sucks. Oh, and... Sonic Blastman. Mwaha ha ha ha. Yes. I also thought Batman Returns was awesome.
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@ProfessorK said:
" An overlooked Capcom gem
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American SNES Boxart (Higher Res)
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@1337W422102: Hm. Ok, I'll play ball in this exercise in obscurity one-up-manship. 

 Pop 'n Twinbee Rainbow Bell Adventures
Pop 'n Twinbee Rainbow Bell Adventures, a Europe and Japan only release, sees the Twinbee franchise go from vertical shooter to horizontal platforming! Giant sprites, platforming action and everything is drenched in that typical "so cute your teeth will rot" sweetness. 
Taking some cues from the Rocket Knight and Mario franchises, the Twinbees can stomp, slash and smash their way through levels, enemies and bosses. Hardly original, but it gives the game a familiar feel to it. 
The only problem is that the boost - hold down jump, point in a direction and release for a rocket propelled boost - completely and utterly breaks the game. In the standard wide open levels, you can boost from start to finish without even touching the ground, let alone an enemy. In more restricted levels that take place in caves and such ilk, the game starts to resemble pinball, as you ricochet from solid wall to solid wall, breaking through enemies and blocks without a sweat. 
Still: Dawwwwww, it looks so cute! 
SNES US front cover
  Super Puyo Puyo / Kirby's Avalanche / Kirby's Ghost Trap, or "How to Mangle a Game Between Regions". Apart from the weird localisation - Kirby's beating up a tree, what were they smoking? - this is your standard connect-four gameplay. Blobs fall from the top of the screen and... 
Oh, who am I kidding. Puyo Puyo Fever was probably the best incarnation of the series. Go play that. 
Super Famicom Box Art
Personally, I haven't had the time to play through this, but everything about this Squaresoft RPG is compelling. Taking the Romancing Saga formula - multiple main characters and their stories that can be played in any order - but taking it out of the standard medieval fantasy setting, players fight on a grid that pre-dates Chrono Cross' field properties and the MegaMan Battle Network games. From all accounts, the game is wonderfully written and is genuinely, one of the more obscure games Squaresoft has ever made. Well, apart from Radical Dreamers. Now that's really obscure. 
Also, I'll take this opportunity to highlight Gideon Zhi's work over at Aeon-Genesis. Who? You know, the guy who did the fan-translations of games such as Cave Story, La Mulana and who has seemingly taken on the insane task of translating most of the Super Robot Wars games. Have a look there and see some really obscure games from that era, and if you like what he does, give him some credit or support him by donating, 
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Shin Kidou Senshi Gundam W: Endless Duel

Yes, it's an import. It shouldn't matter. Easily one of the best fighting games on the Super Nintendo 
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Dragon View
It's an action-RPG that's kind of a combination of Knights of the Round and Zelda II.  There's leveling, inventory, magic, etc. You encounter enemies and dungeons on an overworld map but they play out in a 2D hack 'n slash environment.  The overworld map is in a rather ungainly first-person perspective, but I guess it was pretty cool back in the day.  The game also uses an unusual 2nd person narrative style that I think works well with simple sprite graphics.
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WITHOUT A doubt:

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" WITHOUT A doubt:
What is this "Zelda" of which you speak?
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@DeF:  I had fond memories of B.O.B. as well until I decided to play it again a few years ago and realized that the level design is atrocious.
There's already a lot of good stuff posted here, but I'll go ahead and suggest Plok and Mario no Super Picross (it's Japan-only but it's a great picross game).
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Dammit, I was gonna come waltzing in here to tell you all to play Shadowrun, but it seems you're not that bad after all.

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@dudeglove: yea, shadowrun is one of those sleepers that I still have to play. being reminded of that every once in a while helps :)
 @Chaser324: yea, the levels are weird and confusing sometimes (especially those "vehicle" sequences ... I hated those back in the day) but I still love B.O.B.'s weird abilities and weapons and especially the music. what I really don't like is that it has a password system and no saves ... never been a fan of that
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@Unknown_Pleasures said:
" I second E.V.O: The Search For Eden "
Thirded. It got really weird when you got brought to that castle by those bird people. Game was rad.
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@AnAmericanPatriot said:
" WITHOUT A doubt:
lolz. read the title of the post bro. 
on topic: 
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One of the most overlooked RPG's on the SNES.  Very unique style
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@Stefan said:

Was about to post this, me and my bro played this to death.
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@Fearbeard:  must be true cause I never even heard of this before. and I've looked up some of the weirder SNES RPGs ...
@Kjellm87 said:
" @Stefan said:

Was about to post this, me and my bro played this to death. "

the longer I look at the cover, the more I realize how full of genius it is. the panic expressions while being chased totally works its magic. one of those cases of:  "cover = awesome = let's to buy!!!!!"
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This thread is confirming my belief that games are better now.

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@PrivateIronTFU: but do we love them as much?

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