Top SNES games anyone?

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So this happens to me every time, and I'm not sure if anyone can relate to this or not...

I just spent 150 dollars on new games. As soon as I started one up, I thought to myself "man, I really want to play Kirby Superstar". No matter what new game I buy and play, I find myself always wanting to return to the SNES. I'm always jonesing to play a SNES title and I never experience that with titles nowadays. This is by no means definitive but here is a list of 20 of my favorite SNES games in no particular order.

#20. Breath Of Fire

Either I sucked, or this game was hard. I was slain by that first frog king boss so many times as a kid I gave up. Went back weeks later, leveled up Ryu and finally was able to carry on.Of course this or the 2nd were not as good as the 3rd or 4th but I remember getting Bo and shooting the shit out of wild animals.

#19. Super Street Fight 2: The New Challengers

I was never good at Street Fighter. I could only beat the game at a 3 star challenge level. Could never grasp the special move button inputs. Now I just use Blanka and Zangief and button mash and see what fun comes out of it.

#18. NBA Jam

Easily the best basketball game. I still hold SNES NBA Jam tournaments and challenge friends. Oh yeah, Bill and Hillary Clinton. Ridiculous.

#17. WWF RAW


Also, hitting the ref and destroying Doink were always good times

#16. Mario Kart

I'm gonna say Mario Kart game. I miss the idea of driving over coins to speed your kart up. Also, when you hit another driver with a shell, it took them out for a moment, whereas in newer versions, you hit someone with a red shell and within seconds they're passing you. Nope. Not buying it.

#15. Saturday Night Slam Masters

My brother and I would make arrangements to not pin each other right away when we had no health, that way we could keep the matches going. We scheduled our own story lines and every thing.Made titles. I did enjoy the Sega port of this, even though they scrapped the Tag Match, they replaced it with the Death Match complete with exploding barbed wire ropes. When a feud truly got out of hand, we had to switch to the Sega port for a death match to end the feud and move on with new story lines.

#14. Donkey Kong Country 2

The last world was hard as tits. Arctic Abyss, Windy Well and Castle Crush. Just the tightest grip on that controller throughout those levels. Many curses were thrown at the tv, as well as a multitude of victory dances upon completion.

#13. Donkey Kong Country

This game still looks amazing in this day and age. I stumbled across a 1 up trick at a very young age and always wanted to send it into Video and Arcade Top 10. anyone remember that show? I'm sure people by now have found this trick, but I'd like to think it's still unknown.

#12. Sunset Riders

I never actually owned the cart of this. I had an emulator on my account at school. I would wake up early, bus to school early, just so I could sit in the lab and play this.

#11. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV:Turtles In Time

I may have played TMNT II for the NES more than this, but this is the SNES list. Being an avid turtles fan growing up I remember being so excited at the choice of characters used in this one.

#10. Final Fantasy II

I first played this at a friend's house. Of course, when it was my turn to play, he had already reached the final boss. I had no idea what the hell I was doing but I was like yeah meteo every turn. I always find that when you go underground the game starts to drag a bit, then you go through the Tower of Babil and it starts to unfold even more.

#9. Super Mario All Stars

I played hours of this game, solely so I could play Mario 2 and 3 again. Not a lot of people enjoy 2 but that final boss music gets me going.

#8. Super Mario World

This is the first game I ever received 100% completion in. It's all I owned for the longest time. Finding all the secrets and Special World by myself without internet. Kids nowadays.

#7. The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past

I remember being so disappointed beating Agahnim thinking the game was over. My god. 7 more dungeons?

#6. Kirby Superstar

Wow, playing through the gameboy game using bombs and swords. Unreal. So many abilities! So many things to do! So I just beat Milky Way...wait whats that? Arena? Never turning this game off.

#5. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

Lets just say I still have baby Mario's crying burned into my brain

#4. Super Mario RPG

I just marathoned this with a friend two weeks ago. Actually sat down and played through the whole game in one sitting. Each time trying to see what's the lowest level we can beat it at. Usually end up getting destroyed by Yaridovich.

#3. Mega Man X

I remember getting this game for my birthday and on the intro stage I fell down alongside the bee chopper and couldn't get out. Wait...did Mega Man just slide down the wall? I can wall jump? Holy shit!!

#2. Final Fantasy III

The only thing that keeps me from repeatedly starting new files on this game is the first few hours, while being awesome, I've seen so many times I tend to just rush through up until I get Setzer and the airship

#1. Chrono Trigger

I can still to this day, stop whatever I'm doing, pop it in. and play for hours at a time. I've always kept one file on hand so that I can start up a New Game+.

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my top 15 (note, #6-#15 subject to change at any time)

1) super metroid

2) super mario world

3) donkey kong country

4) batman returns

5) the legend of zelda - a link to the past

6) super mario all-stars

7) wwf royal rumble

8) top gear 2

9) donkey kong country 2 - diddy's kong quest

10) mega man x

11) super castlevania iv

12) super punch-out!!

13) disney's aladdin

14) jurassic park

15) mortal kombat ii

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@getupkid said:

#1. The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past

I remember being so disappointed beating Agahnim thinking the game was over. My god. 7 more dungeons?

Fixed that for you.

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Killer Instincts....I was young back then

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@getupkid: are you saying bof2 is not as good as 3 or 4 ? .. you sir are smoking crack ...

as for me my top snes game is Secret of Mana , im a bit on the fence whether or not the sequel (seiken densetsu 3) is better , but it is a bit obscure , certainly understandable why it wasnt translated officially , but oh my god .. the music , graphics , and combat .. mmmmm

ct is a top fav too but its so good it doesnt really deserve to be compared to anything even other square games.

megaman x series was good too

i loove me some super metroid but its the kind of game i go back to and lose interest very eaisly:/ i dunno ..

oh and far east of eden zero !

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Forgot about Aladdin!

I had Lion King on the Genesis growing up.

Hmm, I think we're gonna need a Sega Genesis list soon.

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pretty good list, super mario all stars, mario cart, super mario world, megaman x, ninja turtles, counky kong country 2, are all great games.

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Breath Of Fire was pretty amazing

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Glad to see Mega Man X up there. I would've had to have given you a good, stern talking-to had it not been on the list.

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