Where best to get SNES games?

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I have a problem. I have a great condition SNES but only have Super Mario World. I wanna buy all the essentials for the system (A Link to the Past, Super Metroid, Street Fighter II Turbo, etc.) but online everything is extremely overpriced, even ebay. Now I live in a pretty small town so finding a garage sale to pick up a huge crate of games is pretty difficult. Any advice?

Edit: Or better yet, anyone willing to sell?

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eBay is not expensive if your going for just carts.

I just looked and found great games for £10.

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@Hizang: I don't really wanna buy individual games though. The problem with eBay is that you get charged an arm and leg for shipping. I guess I just wanna be able to buy in bulk.

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@5socks5: Well if you find paying £5 per game expensive then well, this really is not the console you should get some games for.

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Try looking at any pawn shops, garage sales, flee markets, and thrift stores. Often enough you can find some SNES games at reasonable prices.

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Pawn shops are great for common games, looking out at garage sales is where you might come across someone who doesn't realize Earthbound is worth a tich more than $5

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i use pawn shops , or local small business classic game stores who may also sell movies /vhs etc , try looking for these types of things ebay amazon are last resort , as is yard sales, cause everytime i go to yard sales here hardly any one sells games and when they do its usually somthing i already own lol ,

and thrift stores if you live in a small town the smaller chance it is to get them there, but i'd give it a shot you never know try driving to the nearest city, !

thats my best advice ,

i found all but 28 snes games that i own from pawn shops and i own 180+ only got 7 from ebay-with the system that i replaced a snes with , and 20 from an eb games back in 03-04 as far as them they dont exist no more and they dont sell snes stuff any more in fact the oldest they got now is ps2 , which if you like older games that would not work out to well ,

where i live the nearest pawn is 24 miles away and they sell all their nes snes genesis sms 2600 games for 3 bucks and some change unless its a big name title they go for 15 at most ,

then n64 ps1 dc sat gb gbc =5 dollars

gba ds 3ds psp ps2 xbox gc wii ps3 360 games are 8 bucks and change ,unless its a newer release they go up to 35 bucks or more even ,

if its in as is condition/scratched , it would be 2-4 bucks ,, and usually theres somthing wrong with the game so thats just a tip on how the pawn over here works , i dont know about your place but mine is definatelly a good deal , movies at 4-10 bucks cds 3 bucks tapes /vhs 50. cents 25 w/o sleave ,

so ya , go look at pawns thrifts and flea markets then yard sales then ebay amazon

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