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Mario is back on another innovative and creative game.

Super Paper Mario for Wii is a very creative game that definitely lives up to its standards. Being able to switch between 2D and 3D environments really makes the game stand out well compared to the other games on the market. The story in the game is a little quirky and long, but it is well written and surprisingly interesting. Nintendo has taken a successful cinematic approach in making games and Super Paper Mario passes the test. Each level is expertly designed to provide many hours of entertainment. Some parts in Super Paper Mario can get annoying and hard but once you work around the obstacles, you will go to a better place. Super Paper Mario gets a superb rating of 4.5/5 because it changes the standards of how we look at games and the potential of inspiring future games. This is a game that should not be ignored and it leaves Mario fans amazed, proud, and wanting more.

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    Super Paper Mario was a fantastic game and much better than I had expected.  Well, I expected it to be good, but not this good.  My fears was the platforming actually.  I was expecting it to be a clunky mess like in the other two games, where platforming takes the backseat.  However, Super Paper Mario takes a que from the early Mario games and runs with it.  I had a couple problems with the game, but it hardly stopped me from enjoying it.  I wish there was more NPCs in the game with bigger perso...

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