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Super Pinball is a NES pinball sim, providing six inter-connected tables for the player to explore and get high scores on. The overall goal of the game is to actually find and collect certain Mahjong pieces to complete a winning hand, but the Mahjong game itself has little to do with the actual gameplay besides providing a winning condition.

The game was published by Coconuts Japan, a company best known for publishing the Pachio-kun pachinko games. Pachio-kun himself makes a brief cameo on Super Pinball's title screen.

The Tables

The two immediate tables that the player can visit are the lower and upper screens with an automobile theme, which depict a car in the middle of a race (upper) and a pit-stop (lower). Hitting the right zones scores points and, in the case of the lower screen, provides a few ball-saving measures to help prevent an early game over. Astute players will find a route to the third screen hidden on the top screen, which will take them to a screen filled with robotic foes and a series of bonuses to find in the middle. This in turn leads to a well-hidden UFO screen and finally to a sci-fi themed "brain" screen or a Breakout-themed screen called "Complete Crush". Defeating the brain in the former and destroying all the blocks in the latter will result in the two missing mahjong tiles the player needs to win the game.

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