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Super Princess Peach

Super Princess Peach is the typical Mario platform game. You have the hero, I mean Heroine, the kidnapped victims and the Bad Guys but their is an interesting twist. The whole kingdom has fallen victim to a magical wand that messes with their feelings. You now have to deal with emotional enemies. For example you have sad ravens who cry and whine, angry goombas who turn red and stomp to show their rage and of course that is only the beginning. The game is also  filled with a bunch of goodies. You can stumble upon puzzle pieces, music and mini games all which can be accessed in the Menu by either pressing L or touching Menu with the stylus. Nintendo also does something very smart and utilizes the Nintendo DS to its full potential, while playing Super Princess Peach you can use both the stylus and the control buttons. You will use the touch screen to activate Peach's "Vibes". Her vibes are her emotion and each one does its own thing. Rage fills Peach with fury and fire, Joy allows Peach to float or cyclone her way through things, Gloom allows her to run really fast all while crying and Calm restores her HP.  While I can't figure out why Nintendo choose to make Peach hormonal I do think it's amusing that her Talking Umbrella Perry is full of quirky advice and also has crazy dreams throughout the stages and all of the abilities that you can buy or unlock in the game are definitely a lot of fun. (I especially like the slidebrella, even though it takes me ten tries.) It's definitely worth buying but if your use to Mario it really isn't anything new except for the part where Mario needs to be saved. All in all Super Princess Peach is a fun, cute, and quirky game. 


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