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Not Just for Girls, Nintendo Brings Classic 2D Platforming to DS 0

How long has it been since Nintendo released a classic Mario-themed 2D side-scrolling platformer?  If you said you can't remember, you're absolutely correct.  It's been a long time.  Super Princess Peach does indeed bring Nintendo back to its roots of platforming, but with all the bells and whistles you'd expect from today's games.  In a reversal of roles, you'll be taking control of Peach for the first time since Super Mario Bros 2.  Bowser has recently learned of Vibe Island, a mystical i...

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Better than most DS platformers 0

The Mario franchise has spawned countless entries in the hop-n-bop platformer genre, but surprisingly Nintendo hasn’t made a game specifically starring the series’ archetypal damsel in distress until now.  She most notably appeared as one of the four selectable characters in the 8-bit Super Mario Bros. 2 (1988), and regularly participates in various sports games, but you’d think Nintendo would have made a game like this sooner given their large female demographic. It has taken more than 2...

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Of Princesses and Mood Swings 0

Considered by some to be the "worst Mario game", Super Princess Peach is well deserving of the critique; Indeed, her only adventure as the protagonist flips the Mario formula on its head, and then stomps on it. Angrily. People looking for a simple palette swap need look the other way, because the bold directions in which Nintendo took this platformer, leaves you with more than just a game catering to a niche audience that want Peach to save Mario for a change.That is of course the goal of the ga...

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Super Princess Peach 0

Super Princess Peach is the typical Mario platform game. You have the hero, I mean Heroine, the kidnapped victims and the Bad Guys but their is an interesting twist. The whole kingdom has fallen victim to a magical wand that messes with their feelings. You now have to deal with emotional enemies. For example you have sad ravens who cry and whine, angry goombas who turn red and stomp to show their rage and of course that is only the beginning. The game is also  filled with a bunch of goodies. You...

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Peach becomes the heroine when the fat plumber becomes a POW. 0

King Koopa's servant brings to his notice the Vibe Scepter. It's a magical ornament that effects the feelings of ones target. King Koopa sends his minions to Princess Peach's castle and uses the scepter to kidnap Mario, Luigi, and many of her Toad servants. Peach takes it upon herself to rescue Mario and company with a magical umbrella named Perry. -summaryTalk about being late to the party. Nintendo pretty much opened up a can of worms back in 1988 with Super Mario Bros. 2, when they introduced...

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Peach knows how to deliver fun, even with the lack of difficulty 0

Positive:+ emotions are well-implemented into the gameplay+ cool upgrades can be bought with coins+ you can save any time+ very nice looking graphics+ lots of stuff to collect+ really funNegative:- (for guys) a little too 'cute'- WAY too easyMario has had his fair share of 2-D platformers in his day, most (if not all) of which have been highly praised and well liked. Now Nintendo has dared to do something different: Peach has to save Mario in this very unique DS 2-D game that somehow manages to ...

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Super Princess Peach doesn't quite live up to its superb, subversive concept, and is merely a decent platformer. 0

Ah, Super Princess Peach. One of those “oh yeah, that game exists” games. What struck me the most about the game before I played it was that they actually made a Nintendo published spin-off where they reversed roles and Peach saved Mario. That it was that, and yet today it is next to irrelevant. How could the game with such a concept be so forgettable? The answer to this question lies in its gameplay. No, not shoddy gameplay. But gameplay that is somehow forgettable in the midst of i...

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If you have a child that wants to play a DS platformer.This is it 0

+ Nice twist in the oh so intriguing Super Mario story. The Mario brothers gets kidnapped and the PRINCESS gets to save them. Actually feels really fresh, believe it or not. If you are a big fan of Super Mario you will also appriciate it.+ New gameplay elements and some grenremixing into the Super Mario platform formula. The basics are the same. Its a platform game and you progress through such levels in various themes ranging from grassland to winterland to the deep forests. This time around th...

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