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 The second game to be released in English, Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2 carries on from the first game by including more original mecha and characters taken from Banpresto's other Super Robot Taisen games. Featuring improved graphics, battle animation, music and gameplay elements. Original Generation 2 takes everything to a new level.


The battlefield
Original Generation 2 is set six months after the end of Original Generation, everyone has moved onto different things. The earth government realizes the need to defend themselves, so begin mass producing PTs, but there are some who still oppose the Federation in the resurrected DC called the Neo DC. As things begin to heat up a group begin plotting in the shadow. If that wasn't enough  an alien race far stronger than the Aerogaters cast their eyes upon Earth. Even so, there is a bigger threat waiting for all of them.... Our heroes must band together once again calling on old allies and finding some new ones to defeat all these foes.

In Original Generation 2 there are no selectable main characters, instead there are several points in the game where the story branches and you can select which group of characters you would rather focus on. The amount of characters in the game is vast, and progressively join your party as the story progresses. The game also builds well-defined character personalities to keep the storyline appealing.

Original Generation 2 features mech and weapon customization, in order to enrich the overall experience and give you complete control over your party. The lengthy storyline also proves for hours of endless fun.


Maximum Power!
Super Robot Taisen Original Generation 2 is a top down perspective turn based strategy game.

New Features

BGM Change. For the first time, the player can change a certain character's theme (although boss themes still override player themes, with the exception of Trombe). This system is further defined in Super Robot Wars Alpha 3.

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