Roster looking good, but not perfect

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I'm really looking forward to this game. Mainly for the appearance of Gundam X and Overman King Gainer as those are two great series that need more attention like this (although both were in ACE 3) Aside from that, I didnt like SEED Destiny or Eureka Seven at all, but it will be nice to the the mecha from the first of those two games, and the music form the second anyways. And although Gravion is a generic show, its kind of cool, has great music and the new concept of only allowing you to use it for three turns make me hope it will be really strong. Nothing else really grabs me though. Either because the series are great but have been in so many game, or because I personally don't know the anime or find them that interesting.

There are plenty of other series that could be included (and I'm not going to say Gundam 00 or Gurren Lagann, because I know they will be in a SRW games... but not yet for a few years). I was really hoping for Godannar for example, a really great anime, but vastly overlooked. It was in Scramble Commander after all, use it again please. Full Metal Panic is another favorite of mine that so far only have been on portable SRW games and could be really cool in a game like this with more impressive graphics. And getter Robo is here, but not in its latest installment of New Getter Robo or even the manga Getter Robo Hien. As for older series they could include, why not Dragonar and GoShogun?

Although this game isn't even out yet, I'm almost looking forward to what the next SRW game will feature more so then the release of this game. Only a few series and their stories and battle animations appeal to me, but there are many new series that isn't in the game for one or another reason. Then a gain, I will get Gundam X and King Gainer, so i should just shut my mouth and go live in a cave I guess. I'm not really complaining though, I was mostly just hoping for different content. although I have to say its nice they try to add old and new content though.

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Well it's ok with me!

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