what was your first creation

#1 Posted by firewrkninja (227 posts) -

i made a tiny jolly chef and then an orangutan with like 20 adjectives (like 7 were rejected (framed and microscopic among them))
the chef got offended by the orangutan and started beating him up and for some reason the orangutan suddenly turned into a winged dotted bathtub (no idea why!!!!) which then killed the chef. it totally blew my mind
any of you got cool stories to go along with your first few creations?

#2 Posted by VisariLoyalist (3000 posts) -

I don't remember, probably some horrible drawing I did as a toddler. Oh you mean in this game... um never played it.

#3 Posted by STICKMAN71 (5 posts) -

I started a zombie plauge

#4 Posted by M_33 (527 posts) -

My first creation was a cat. Just a cat.

#5 Posted by Captain_Felafel (1602 posts) -

Suicidal Bomb.

#6 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11406 posts) -

I went nice and simple: Gentlemanly Cthulhu. 

#7 Posted by Bloodgraiv3 (2690 posts) -

cthulhu .
#8 Posted by HypoXenophobia (1045 posts) -

Maxwell's Book

#10 Posted by icarusflies77 (40 posts) -

I think it was either a friendly Cthulhu or a giant guinea pig.

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