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This is the third game in the SNK's football franchise. It was published in 1995 bySNKduring, what many people consider, their golden years. The game featured 64 international teams spread over 8 groups, including 3 European, 2 Asian, American, African and South American.
The game didn't have a license so it featured players with names that resembled real life players of the time. Although most player models were generic, they did have some distinguishing features such as longer hair for certain players, etc.

The game featured a side view of the action, but also featured some additional perspectives dependent on the situation. For example if an attacking player got within shooting distance of the opponents goal, they could then switch to a view behind the shooting player and take with a crosshair.

Some uncharacteristically good goalkeeping...

It also featured a rather unique penalty shoot-view from behind the kickers legs.
There is a lot of visual flair to Super Sidekicks 3 as a whole. Goals are celebrated with a rather spectacular cut-scene, and even fouls provide some entertaining moments.
Escape to victory...

The game featured a selection of regional tournaments and a world tournament. Teams could be entered into any regional tournament regardless of what region they belonged to.

Being an arcade game, Super Sidekicks 3 was action orientated. Players could only play one half, with victory required to proceed to the next game. If the result was a draw, players could insert another credit to play through extra time or a penalty shoot-out. If the player lost, they could continue and replay the tie.

The game is controlled with three buttons namely shoot/pass, long pass and a little knock forward button. Each team is ranked in five abilities i.e. Attack, Defense, Power, Speed and Technique. However after selecting your team, you can choose a bonus ability for your team such as Attack Power Up or Speed Up.

Passing play was not particularly encouraged as the game didn't even feature a radar to locate team mates, so most games just resulted in lumping the ball upfield and shooting whenever possible. Shooting at goal almost always resulted in a frantic scramble due to the goalkeepers not being able to handle even the tamest of shots. Most shots at goal were palmed dangerously back into play, with defenders and attackers charging for the rebound. Although an obvious design choice to encourage attacking play, games were often decided by farcical goalkeeping.
Super Sidekicks is not big into realism...
Although flawed on many levels, Super Sidekicks 3 was an enjoyable arcade experience made by a company that built their reputation on their coin-op classics.

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