guild_master's Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii) review

Best in series?, yes but expected a bit more

Apart from all the things already said by many of the reviewers out, this game just rocks.Nintendo threw in some new characters, yes Snake is in the game as well as Sonic but I hoped more new characters were introduced not in the form of clones that is. Not satisfied by the roster Nintendo launched with the game different modes, Master Pieces being one of them. In the master piece part of the game it will let you try out a few of the games available from Nintendo via the shop, although the master piece add-on is quite a good feature, it seems to appeal only to the die hard Nintendo fan.

The WFC (Nintendo Wifi Connection) is not as good as expected. Even when playing locally with friend codes it tends to lag not serious, but it lags not like the ones found on Halo 3 (no hard feelings towards Halo 3, but it's annoying when you are playing lone wolves and all of a sudden bam! serious lag). Another issue appears when attempted to play with anyone it seems becomes impossible to find a match because the WFC servers are getting more work than they can handle, this is an issue Nintendo has commented on, and is currently working on it. It's getting really hard to find on-line matches without getting a message that says "you ave been disconnected...", I hope Nintendo gets more severs up and running.

Apart form that minor issue the game hold up to be very good whether you are playing alone; Classic and The subspace Emissary are bound to keep playing for hours until you unlock every single player, stage, song, trophy... you know what I mean there are tons of stuff to unlock.
On the other hand multiplayer mode, I think this is where the game really shines the most, what beats a couple of your best friends playing an chaotic, fast-paced, mind blowing brawl if you ask me nothing, but that is up to you to judge. I've never had so much fun beating up Pikachu since Pokemon yellow came out, seriously. All your friends will begging to play over and over again. Whether you are playing with stock, stamina or even coins you'll have fun, you can even challenge your friends in a little tourney to prove who is the best brawler.

Nintendo went over the top with this game, but I must warn you if you have played previous versions of smash, brawl may seem as a do over; Wrong!, the game is so good an addictive that I'm playing as i write this review, and if your a first timer, be prepared to get hooked on one of the best selling franchises of all time.

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Posted by pachowski

OMG Guild_Master  you rock!!!!! this is the best review i ever read seriously dude i want to be like you and write this kind of stufff
youy are my idol LOL .
nicus my friend  you suck

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