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An amazing game with a group of friends.

Super Smash Brothers is an amazing game. Simply put, it has everything a game needs. It keeps the original formula of it's predecessors, but adds enough new twists to make it a breath of fresh air. First off, the roster has been updated vastly. Third party characters such as Sonic and Snake are now included to change it up a little bit. Included with these two characters are two new stages, Green Hill Zone, which any Sonic fan knows and loves, is here; as well as Shadow Moses Island which is a great addition. You might be thinking, how can Nintendo put in a Gun wielding military style fighter to go head-to-head with cute little Kirby? It's a mystery to me, but it works. Also a new addition is the online multiplayer, which is very welcomed. Part of the problem with Super Smash Bros 64 and Melee were that once you didn't have anybody to play with, it became boring. Now that you can connect with worldwide players over Nintendo's Wi-Fi connection. The online play is mostly lag-free, which is remarkable. This game will keep you occupied for a long, long time.

What also makes this game so amazing is all of Nintendo's most famous and well known characters being jam packed into one game. Not only does this make more dormant characters in Nintendo's games more popular, but it also makes you want to buy the games for some of those dormant characters as well. In Brawl, each character has a new final smash attack which is activated by a final smash orb. Final smashes can switch the outcome of the game, and keep the game alive and active. To activate your final smash attack, you must run around on the screen chasing the orb frantically trying to knock all the life out of it before your opponents do. What keeps this fresh is if a person gets the final smash but does not activate it, if an opponent hurts you enough, you unintentionally release the orb and try to chase it again.

On top of all of this, there is an adventure mode. Nintendo had an adventure mode in Super Smash Bros. Melee, but it was very generic, and redundant. The new adventure mode is called the Subspace Emissary, and Nintendo probably changed the name because once people heard that the Adventure mode from Melee was returning, they might not purchase the game because Melee's adventure sucked so much. The Subspace Emissary is fun for a while, but then it feels like a chore. A long, 8-10 hour chore which becomes really boring if you're trying to play it in one sitting. This mode can be played with a friend, and if it is, it makes it go by a lot quicker. The Subspace Emissary was very hyped up and Nintendo says they put a lot of effort into it, which is mainly only visible by the cutscenes. Where to start with the cutscenes? They're beautiful, compelling, fun, and make you feel like you're watching a movie. The cutscenes provide the best graphics on the Wii to this date, and without them, this adventure would feel like cleaning up your room. However, the cutscenes do not make up for all the wasted potential in the Subspace Emissary. The rest of the mode feels like a average sidescroller with no story (there is no clear story) and lasts too long, except towards the end where it actually feels like a bare plot is included which is actually enjoyable. The only reason I reccomend to play it through is to unlock all of the characters without having to play an insane amount of VS matches.

This game has an insane amount of things to unlock. Stickers, trophies, stages, and music make you want to complete this game. If you're one of those people who loves to collect everything in a game, you will be here for a long time. The amounts of stages in this game is ridiculous. There are a few from Melee, and a lot of new stages to keep you occupied. On Smashville, a new stage taken from Animal Crossing, at 8PM on Saturday nights if you play there, Totakeke (K.K. Slider) will make a live performance. Neat, huh? Brawl also has a stage editor. It isn't too fancy, but barely gets the job done. You can put any music you have collected into a custom stage. Every day, Nintendo selects a stage and distributes it throught it's WiiConnect24 service so every user can try it. Keep submitting and maybe you will get lucky!

All in all, even though I did bash the Subspace Emissary, Super Smash Bros. Brawl makes your Wii worth the purchase. Before this, only games like Super Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime: Corruption stopped my Wii from collecting dust. With so many different things to do in this game, it is a must buy for Wii owners. Guess where I'm going to be Saturday night?

Posted by AddictedGamer50

From the title I can tell you that that's SSBB's flaw. The only fun it produces is from multiplayer mode. I give it 4 stars.

Posted by whackmypinata

It's not the best title, but I think since it is one of the best "party" games, it deserves five. Also, do you give Rock Band 4 stars?

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